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  1. Turn off and unplug the netbook before replacing the battery.
    • Turn off and unplug the netbook before replacing the battery.

    • Hold the netbook top-side down with the lid closed.

    • Slide the plastic battery release latches towards the lock symbols.

    • The left tab unlocks completely, but you will need to hold the right tab towards the lock symbol as you remove the battery.

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  2. Slide the battery out from the netbook.
    • Slide the battery out from the netbook.

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    • Turn the netbook to view its edge.

    • Press both orange eject buttons simultaneously, and use a spudger to pry off the back case.

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    • If the back case does not separate from the netbook easily, use the spudger to pry off the back case by the edge near the battery compartment, and work your way to the sides. The case will then pivot along the front edge.

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    • Pull the back case off from the front edge.

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    • Using a screwdriver, remove the three 6.6 mm screws highlighted with the red circles in the first picture above.

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    • Once you have removed the screws, flip the netbook over so that the keyboard is now facing upwards. Open the screen as far back as the netbook allows.

    • Using a prying tool, lift upwards and remove the plastic casing that covers the spaces around the keys of the keyboard.

    • Be careful when removing the plastic casing.

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    • After removing the plastic casing surrounding the keys, carefully lift the full keyboard from the netbook using a plastic opening tool.

    • Do not yank the keyboard out. The keyboard is attached to the netbook through a ribbon cable, which needs to remain undamaged in order for the new keyboard to properly connect with the netbook.

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    • Be very gentle with the ZIF connector! It is designed to be locked into the motherboard, so make sure you lift the retaining latch before attempting to disconnect it.

    • Lift the latch on the ZIF (zero insertion-force) connector using a plastic opening tool. The ZIF connector is located on the motherboard and is connected to the keyboard through the ribbon cable.

    • Disconnect the ribbon cable from the ZIF connector on the motherboard by lifting it up and out; this completely removes the keyboard.

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    • Peel off black plastic front plate using spudger, working from one side and slowly separating the plate from the rest of the case.

    • Carefully remove the cable that connects the trackpad to the motherboard.

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    • Remove screws securing the metal trackpad holder.

    • Remove metal track pad holder from front plate.

    • Remove screw holding the capacitor in place.

    • Lift up but do not remove capacitor.

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    • Peel back white tape.

    • Peel back black tape from trackpad.

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    • Locate the cable connected to the trackpad.

    • Carefully lift up the metal latch holding on the trackpad cable.

    • Lift trackpad cable away from the trackpad.

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    • The trackpad can now safely be lifted away and removed.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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