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HP Pavilion dv6000 Optical Drive Replacement

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  1. HP Pavilion dv6000 Optical Drive Replacement, Optical Drive: adım 1, 1 resimden 1.
    • Before proceeding, it is recommended to remove the battery to prevent any electrical damage to components.

    • Remove the single 5.6 mm Phillips screw securing the optical drive to the lower case.

  2. HP Pavilion dv6000 Optical Drive Replacement: adım 2, 1 resimden 1.
    • Insert the tip of an unrolled paper clip into the small hole located on the side of the optical drive.

    • The tray will partially pop out of the laptop.

    • Firmly pull the drive straight away from the laptop.

    • While pulling the drive out, be careful not to bend the sliding rails on both sides of the optical drive.

    • At this point you can remove the entire optical drive, or you can continue to disassemble the optical drive assembly.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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