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If the display screen of your HTC 10 got broken, follow this video to replace it. It's very difficult to replace the HTC 10 display screen, please remember to test everything before reassemble the phone.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Boy, can I sent my phone to you for repair?

Fredy Irawan - Yanıt

What is the problem? Model?

Francisco Jose Alberquilla - Yanıt

After Screen replace Touckeys not working.

any Idea?

mmiller - Yanıt

I tried a domestic iron set to Silk (around 100degC) with a thin piece of cardboard between the iron and the screen. It took about 1 minute to get started. A few more gentle applications of heat and the careful use of a iSesame opening tool and it was off. Highly recommened.

Peter Nicol - Yanıt

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