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A friend had his screen and digitzer replaced after dropping it. He paid £100, didnt seem to bad, the lowest I have seen the pair for currently on eBay is about £70.

However on return the GPS didnt work and there was a blob in the middle of the screen.

I opened it up following this video, not quite as easy as they made it look but a big help. Plastic prising tool was a must, I got a good selection of these off ebay for £1 a set delivered.

It turned out to be the antenna connector for the GPS had come off (not at the camera end, a little harder to get at where it was off), refitted and bingo, we were back in action. The connector is very fiddly and takes a lot of pressure to fit, not a lot for it to come off !

The blob on the screen I suspect is liquid from when laying the digitizer over the screen, he decided to take it back for this issue. I was tempted to gently heat and squegee it off but better to go back to the shop realy. The main thing was to check the phone hadnt been damaged inside and be prepared for the shops response it it had ! thankfully it hadnt.

Ive had a few HTC devices apart in the past, overall impressed with the quality of construction. (wish I could say the same of HP DV series laptops !!, maybe I will discuss if I get another nvidia reflow to do !)

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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