Follow the instructions in this repair guide to successfully remove the rear case of your HTC One Mini, locate the phone's battery, and remove it so that a new one may replace it.

  1. Use an iOpener or hair dryer to apply heat to the lower speaker grille, in order to soften the adhesive underneath.
    • Use an iOpener or hair dryer to apply heat to the lower speaker grille, in order to soften the adhesive underneath.

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  2. Slide a thin pry tool underneath the lower speaker cover and slide it across to separate the adhesive underneath.
    • Slide a thin pry tool underneath the lower speaker cover and slide it across to separate the adhesive underneath.

    • Remove the lower speaker cover.

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    • Remove the screw under the speaker cover using a T6 Torx screwdriver.

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    • Slide a thin guitar pick or pry tool between the edge of the display and the rear case, near the bottom of the phone.

    • Carefully work your way up each side of the display and separate the rear case. There are three clips on each side.

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    • Remove the rear case from the phone.

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    • Remove the two Phillips screws securing the battery connector.

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    • Disconnect the battery by prying the metal cover straight up.

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    • Remove two Phillips screws.

    That's actually PH00 Phillips head

    Michael Kimmel - Yanıt

    • Remove the two small black Phillips screws.

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    • Remove two more Phillips screws.

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    • Use tweezers to remove the yellow tape covering the flex cable connectors (total of five).

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    • Carefully disconnect the flex cables at the points where you removed the yellow tape in the previous steps.

      • To disconnect, flip up the small latch on each connector, opposite its cable, and then gently pull the cable free.

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    • Peel off the silver strip with your tweezers.

    • Using your hands, detach the black strip from the board without removing it.

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    • Detach carefully with your tweezers the volume buttons.

    • Detach the power button with your tweezers.

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    • Identify the screw behind the cable.

    • Remove the screw using a Phillips screwdriver.

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    • Lift the motherboard, but don't try to remove it completely yet.

    • Handle the board only by the edges.

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    • Using your tweezers, remove the black square located in the power button.

    • Remove the motherboard completely.

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    • Using the spudger, use force to detach and remove the speaker.

    I skipped Step 18. The battery could be replaced without removing the speaker.

    Timo - Yanıt

    • Use a wide pry tool or credit card to gently pry the battery up and out of the phone.

    • Do not puncture or deform the battery in any way, or a dangerous fire or explosion may result.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I accidently teared the power button cable a little.

I guess i will have to buy a new one, but i wonder is it soldered ?

I don't think so but i'm not sure.

Is there a nother way to power it on for now ?

rssd - Yanıt

Please tell me,can i use battery from htc one mini 2 in htc one mini? I just want increase the battery capacity from 1800 to 2100.thanks for the answer

marat ospanov - Yanıt

I completed the steps as described and have an issue with my display now. I tried to start the device before pressing it in the back cover to check whether it works or not. It seems to work, but the display don't. Which cable is that of the display and / or what could have gone wrong? Thx!

tobiasemmert - Yanıt

I changed the battery, but now, the sound doesn't works. The microphone and the diffuser do not work. What can I do ?

niculoiualina - Yanıt

Just ruined my phone thanks to the worst ever tutorial i’ve ever seen.

Crispy K - Yanıt

Did this battery exchange few days ago and there is some missing information here.

Between step 15 and step 16 the author also disconnected 4 more plugs in the bottom left of the phone (lying on the screen):

- The big one which is over the screwdriver in the picture of step 15. This can be pulled out sideways.

- The one which cable goes over the screw which is removed in step 15 (white plug with the red/black wires coming out going to the “vibration generator”). I carefully wiggled it out with a tweezer on the plug itself, but you may also go beneath the cables and gently pull it upwards.

- A similar one is a little bit further to the bottom. Use the same technique here.

- Another plug is at the left side. This one can be pulled out sideways.

All 4 of these plugs can be seen in the picutres above (e.g. pic from step 15). They were detached between 15 and 16 without a notice. Only then can you remove the motherboard as shown in step 16.

Hope this info helps anyone.

Max Planck - Yanıt

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