• Android nougat is a new member of the Android family. If you are looking for an Android nougat rooting application and hope to enhance your device capacity, an available utmost solution is rootkhp as the tool itself designed to root Android 7.0 smartphones and the tablet devices. rootkhp let you take the Administrative privileges of your mobile.

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    • The available latest version released since January 2018. It has been fixed the reported issue and introduced with the latest convenient features. There is no APK version available till now and hope for the rootkhp APK version in near future.

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • Before making use of the tool, you are asked to install correct device drivers in your windows PC. make a complete backup of your existing data before root your valuable handset. Enable USB debugging of the mobile. If you have installed an antivirus software, disable it temporarily.

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    • Step 1: Download rootkhp and it on your Windows PC.

    • Step 2: Enable USB debugging of the mobile.

    • Step 3: Connect it to the Windows PC using a micro USB cable.

    • Step 4: Open the installed rootkhp and click on the orange color root button available on the interface of the tool.

    • Step 5: Once the root process is started you have to wait a few minutes till it completes successfully.

    • Step 6: Disconnect the mobile after you receive a success message

    • Step 7: Restart the mobile.

    • Step 8: Use a free root checker app, if you have any doubt on the root procedure which you have executed using rootkhp.

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    • A windows based application. need to download into a Windows PC or desktop for the execution.

    • APK version is not available

    • No any official way to use with Linux and Mac operating system.

    • Support many devices.

    • One click rooting approach is included.

    • Many bugs and issues were solved due to the updates made to the tool and hope for more advanced versions in near future.

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    • It is important to have a complete backup of your existing data. If anything happens to your device while rooting, you can use the backup data to recover it. on the other hand, it causes to lose your device warenty.

    • So you can not claim for any software damage. So you have to root your Android at your own risk. Start the journey withrootkhp and open new doors to your mobile with some advanced features.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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