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How to Fix a Noisy Maytag Dryer LDE8604ACE

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    • Obtain replacement parts. I found a mfr's parts list for my unit through a search. All parts that I wanted were available via Amazon. My entire bill with shipping was under $50.

    • Here are the tools I used. The riveter and snap ring pliers were bought new, since I've never owned those and I'm a tool collector.

    • Unplug the dryer. First clear a 2-3 feet of space in front of the dryer. You will be pulling large parts out of the front.

    • Use screwdriver to remove front of unit. Be careful to release wires from holding clips.

    • Now remove inner bulkhead, using nutdriver?

    • At idler pulley, work the belt loose from its drive and remove it from the dryer.

    • Dryer drum can now be removed. Gently lift it out of the dryer.

    • Locate both drum rollers in the dryer. See photo

    • Remove old drum roller. The bearings wear out in these. First remove the snap ring on the front of the shaft. Then pull off the roller.

    • Remove old drum roller shaft. These can get worn after years of use. They come off by twisting them counter-clockwise.

    • Install new shaft, drum roller, and snap ring. Repeat for other roller, since there are 2 in this unit.

    • Replace old idler pulley. These can get noisy and sticky as their bearings wear out.

    • Remove snap ring. Old pulley will come off. Inspect and clean the shaft. Install new pulley. Install snap ring.

    • I didn't replace my idler pulley tension spring, but if yours is broken or stretched, the part is Maytag #303945

    • Replace blower wheel. These crack and break after a few years' use.

    • Remove snap ring. Remove old wheel. Install new wheel. Install snap ring.

    • Replace front glides/pads. These parts reduce friction between the spinning drum and bulkhead. Over time they become less effective. They are inexpensive to replace and a good excuse to play with a riveter.

    • Drill out rivets of old glides. I used a ? bit. Pull up old glides.

    • Fit new pad and glide into place. Install with ? rivets that were included in kit.

    • Repeat for other glide location

    • Install drum back into dryer. Verify that it rolls smoothly on rollers.

    • Install new belt into dryer. See photo for proper belt path through the idler pulley.

    • Turn the drum a few times to verify belt will stay on path.

    • Reinstall bulkhead.

    • Reinstall front panel, taking care to tuck wiring back into clips.

    • Plug dryer back in and do a short test with a small load. Dryer should run nice and quiet now!


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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