Old books are often recycled or thrown away because of wear that causes the binding to fall apart. This guide will show you how to repair your old books and extend their shelf life. For this fix, you'll need book cloth, chipboard, and endpaper. Make sure to size these appropriately, as detailed under "Parts."

Please note that this guide is meant for basic cloth or paper bound hardcover books, not leather bound books or embossed hardcover books.

  1. Remove the dust jacket from the book.
    • Remove the dust jacket from the book.

  2. Use the Xacto knife to cut the existing endpaper along the crease.
    • Use the Xacto knife to cut the existing endpaper along the crease.

    • Be careful not to cut the pages of the book!

    • Separate the book cover and set the pages aside.

    • Put the new bookcloth on the worksurface with the back side (paper side) up.

    • Lay the book cover on the new bookcloth.

    • Use the ruler to measure a 3/4 inch margin on all sides of the book cover.

    • Trace outlines for the margins on the bookcloth.

    • Trace the outline of the existing cover and spine on the new bookcloth.

    • Cut the new bookcloth along the margin outlines.

    • Use the ruler as a straight edge to cut a clean line.

    • Carefully remove the existing endpaper enough to expose the edges of the existing covers.

    • Cut out the existing covers.

    • If the endpaper does not separate from the covers easily, measure the covers and spine with a ruler and draw these dimensions onto the chipboard.

    • Trace the outline of the existing cover and spine on the chipboard.

    • Cut out the new covers and spine.

    • Use the paintbrush to apply the bookbinding glue to the covers and spine.

    • The glue dries fast so make sure to apply quickly and have all materials ready for the next step.

    • Align the two covers with the outlines of the existing cover.

    • Place the new spine on the book cloth, centered between the covers.

    • Apply bookbinding glue to the left and right margins.

    • Fold the margins over the covers.

    • Apply glue to the top margin.

    • Fold the corners of the top margin to meet the top edge of the book covers.

    • Press on the corners with your fingers until secure.

    • Fold the top margin over the covers and spine.

    • Press the gaps between the spine and covers until secure.

    • Close the book cover and fold the edges of the spine.

    • Measure the existing endpaper from the book.

    • This measurement is twice the width of the book pages.

    • Trace the dimensions on the new endpaper.

    • Cut the new endpaper with the Xacto Knife.

    • Apply glue to one side of the book.

    • Attach the end page to the glued side.

    • The edges of the endpaper should be aligned with edges of the pages.

    • Let the glue dry.

    • Repeat steps on other side.

    • Apply glue to the back of each endpaper.

    • Align the book pages to be centered on the spine.

    • Attach the endpapers to the new cover.

    • Press down until secure.

    • Close the book.

    • Put other books or another heavy object on top of the books.

    • Let the new book cover dry.

    • Put the dust jacket back on the book.


Your book is now rebound and for reading! Keep the dust jacket on the book to protect the new book cover from harm.

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