Use this guide to fix a dashboard clock that doesn't light up. Credit goes to Eddie Carrara who made the YouTube video that documents the procedure.

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  1. Release the four hidden clips to remove the panel.
    • Release the four hidden clips to remove the panel.

    • This might require a lot of jiggling and prying.

    • Be careful not to break the panel or the clips by prying too hard.

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  2. Remove the panel.
    • Remove the panel.

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    • Depress the tab and pull to remove the clock connector.

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    • Depress the tab and pull to remove the hazard lights connector.

    • The tab is very close to the air vent which makes it hard to reach.

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    • Remove two screws to remove the clock assembly.

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    • Unclip the four clips to remove the back cover.

      • Get three prying tools and insert them into the clips to allow that side of the case to be removed.

      • Unclip the last remaining clip to fully remove the case.

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    • Check the solder points on the resistors.

      • R300

      • R510

    • Touch up any solder points that look like they may not have a good connection.

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    • Test the repair before reassembling the clock assembly by plugging the electronics into the dash.

    • Turn the ignition to the 2 position to get the clock to display the time.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This worked awesome..Quick easy..Now i know what time it is again..

Ben Dunstall - Yanıt

510 was so loose it slide off the board after I tapped with a pencil. Did my best to line it up and touch up the solder. No luck. Junkyard for a new one....sorta new.

timothyackerman2011 - Yanıt

This worked perfectly for me! I saw one resistor clearly had a bad solder joint and I resoldered it. The others looked alright but I hit them while it was open (with the exception of the side of 510 under the display which was hard to reach) and now the clock works like a charm! :D Thank you!

Peter Miller - Yanıt

Resoldered those three resistors and the clock works perfectly again. Thank you!

ronthel - Yanıt

The clock on my 99 crv has played up couple times over the years and I have had to resolder those three main resistors like explained in this procedure. But lately it was playing up once again and it finally went dead other day. You need to check the solder on the resistor underneath the screen also, its the one labelled R203. This requires the desoldering of the two points on screen to allow you to bend the screen up and get underneath. Bend the screen up a little resolder R203 and solder back the two metal legs of screen into the board. Good to use a multimeter to test the resistance across each resistor once soldered. If you dont measure any resistance the solder has not been performed properly. Also test the circuit once complete from the connection points to confirm there is a complete closed circuit loop.

kev - Yanıt

Kev……. do you have any pics of how / where to de-solder the screen?

Kevin Wagner -

How to change from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive ? please help

charlestapula - Yanıt

awesome, fixed, clock works now!

Victor Zhai - Yanıt

Brilliant. I am not handy, and with these instructions, even I could fix our clock (that had ceased to work at least 5 years ago). Thank you!

Hannah Murray - Yanıt

Resistor 510 completely came loose on one side when I checked it. Luckily it was on the side that wasn’t under the screen. Resoldered, plugged it in. Worked like a charm.

Richard Middleton - Yanıt

I’ve double checked the 2 areas you identified above and made some repairs. The clock will work for a few minutes or more, then for no reason go blank. Tapping clock or dash seems to have no effect. Occasionally it will come back on of its on will. Any suggestions on what could be causing these intermittent problems?

Kevin Wagner - Yanıt

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