Improper storage, exposure to heat, and cats can lead to warped vinyl. Warped vinyl can lead to a wobbly sounding rendition of your favorite song. Fortunately, warped records can often be fixed, so you can be back to rockin' and rollin' in no time. You'll need two sheets of glass larger than your album, but small enough to fit in your oven. Heavier or thicker glass tends to work best.

Once you've finished your repair, be sure to store your vinyl properly, vertically and out of the heat, to prevent any future warping.



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  1. Pull your record out of its case, and make sure it is nice and clean.
    • Pull your record out of its case, and make sure it is nice and clean.

      • If your record is dirty, you'll want to clean it before starting.

    • Place your clean record in the center of one of the glass panels.

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  2. Gently set the second glass panel on top of the record.
    • Gently set the second glass panel on top of the record.

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    • Preheat the oven to warm, or 175 degrees Fahrenheit (or 80 Celsius).

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    • Glass can shatter when it experiences temperature shock. Be sure that your glass is room temperature or slightly warm before putting it in the oven, so that it doesn't go from very cold to warm too quickly.

    • Slide your record, sandwiched between the two panels of glass, into the oven.

    • Stay with your record and watch it. If you smell anything funny or hear any strange noises, remove your record from the oven.

    • Warm your record in the oven for 2 or 3 minutes.

    • Leaving your record in the oven for longer may melt your record.

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    • Using oven mitts, pull the glass and record assembly out of the oven.

    • Remember that glass can shatter with temperature shock. Do not set your hot glass on a cold granite or tile countertop, or it may shatter!

    • Set the glass on a room temperature table or counter. To protect your surface, place the glass on a potholder or a towel.

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    • Weight the glass with heavy books or another flat, heavy object.

    • Leave the record under the weight of the glass and books until it cools completely.

    • When the record is cool, remove it from the glass panels.

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Test your vinyl out. If there is still a warp you can repeat the process heating it for just a little longer and weighting it with a heavier object.

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And for the rest of the world: Step 3 is 80 °C (Celsius).

werner - Yanıt

just the same process to fix the graphic card of a macbook pro :-D

(Y) great!

Johan Miller - Yanıt

Try this: Get two 1/2" x 12" x 12" polished marble floor tiles. Bathe (the tiles) in hot tap water until heated through. Place record in poly sleeve between the two tiles. Place weights on top - the more the better. Wait for tiles to cool. Repeat as necessary.

BooFaar - Yanıt

BTW - Be sure to dry the tiles after heating.

BooFaar - Yanıt

When I was a kid, I watched my Mom fix a warped record one time by putting it between the plates of glass and setting it in direct sunlight for about 10 minutes. That worked as well.

OriginalSpins - Yanıt

Would sheets of stainless steel work? I don't have access to glass sheets.

Carlos Sanchez - Yanıt

I used 2 pieces of glass first time 170 degrees 3 minutes did not do the job then I try 4 minutes a bit better then I went for 5 minutes after that I put 4 heavy books for weight on the glass for 1 hour.The record came out perfect.

stan.bade007 - Yanıt

Now, if only there was an easy way to fix scratches…

Tim Wasson - Yanıt

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