Contrary to popular belief, washing your jacket doesn't wear it out—in fact, it prolongs the life of your jacket. Washing and drying your down jacket is easy; it just takes a few simple tricks to keep the down nice and fluffy. Follow these steps for a warm, clean jacket on your next adventure.

We recommend you use a down wash that's low in chemicals and as environmentally friendly as possible, such as Granger's (linked in the tools section below).



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  1. Lay your jacket out and zip up all the zippers.
    • Lay your jacket out and zip up all the zippers.

    • If your jacket has hook-and-loop tape, fasten it closed.

    • Don't forget to check the pockets for any treasures or love notes you may have forgotten.

    • Place the jacket in your washing machine.

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  2. Add technical wash specifically designed for down garments.
    • Add technical wash specifically designed for down garments.

      • Each brand of technical wash is different, so you'll need to read the label on your bottle to know how much to add.

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    • Set the load size on the washing machine to small.

    • Set the water temperature on the washing machine to cold/cold.

    • Run the washing machine on a gentle or normal wash cycle.

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    • Leave the jacket in the washing machine and run the rinse cycle a second time.

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    • Remove the jacket from the washing machine and place it in the dryer.

    • If you don't have a dryer, or would like to go a more environmentally friendly route, line dry your jacket.

    • Add a couple of tennis balls to the dryer.

    • The tennis balls will bounce around as the dryer tumbles, preventing the down from clumping.

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    • Set the dryer on a low-heat setting with a normal dry-cycle time.

    • Start the dryer.

    • It may take more than one cycle on the dryer to completely dry your jacket. If so, leave the heat on low and dry for a second cycle.

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The NikWax wash stuff says to use a front loading washer. Is that really necessary? Or are they just messing with me. =)

jotepka - Yanıt

Front loading washers are gentler on clothes than top loaders so less chance of damaging relatively delicate down jackets.

Pete -

Inexpensive and warm down jackets have long since become part of our wardrobe. And almost every jacket has a warning label prohibiting wash and dry it at home.But enterprising housewives long found a way to wash down jackets at home. It turns out that it is not so difficult if you know some tricks. Here you will find tips how to wash down jacket in the washing machine and by hand

It is also very important to know how to store down jackets, it very much depends on how long you will wear it Here are details and even more

Dana Lawler - Yanıt

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