With these remotes it seems to be a common problem some buttons cease to work after a couple of years. Usually, you just need to open the remote and clean the circuit board.

  1. For later testing: X marks butttons which still work, O marks buttons that don't.
    • For later testing: X marks butttons which still work, O marks buttons that don't.

  2. Open battery housing and remove the batteries
    • Open battery housing and remove the batteries

    • Remove the screw located in the center of the battery housing

    • Top and bottom shell of the remote are held together by 4 latches per side. The most fore and aft ones are located about 1cm from each end

    • Pry them open with a small flat head. If you're carefull that will leave only tiny scratches, but it does take some force

    • Once open, remove the insides and clean them from all the drinks and what not that has been poored over the remote

    • If necessary, at contact spray or alike to the buttom of the rubber buttons

    • After cleaning and before full re-assembly, you might want to try if things improved.

      • Put the cicruit board back in, add batteries and put the rubber mats onto the circuit board

      • If the repair worked, you should the red top LED flashing

    • Put it all back together again. (Don't forget the screw in the battery housing.)

    • You might need some new batteries as well


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Having trouble with the latches. Can you explain the technique you used to pry them open?


bob - Yanıt

Hi Bob. Force, brute force. Sorry, I don't have a better advice for you. ;-)

andre -

thanks, I fixed mine using your guide.

surfer - Yanıt

You are a life saver, just fixed my onkyo RC-737m control with this guide... Broken a plastic clip but can't tell when it's back together. Cheers again! Leon

Leon Parsons - Yanıt


Deux télécommandes dont les boutons du volume ne répondaient plus! Et hop c'est revenu ;-)


Thierry Paulet - Yanıt

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