The screen on my nexus gets wet, it was just the screen (i was running and it entered sweat) which caused it began to marked by itself, the first day was just a few minutes and then ceased, but in recent days it became very annoying, mark everything like crazy just was unlocked.

The second week after the release of Android lolipop reach my nexus update; had the update but could not use the phone and the new screen come otherwise within three weeks or so (I'm outside the US) so I could not wait.

    • I'm starting this guide with the front frame and LCD display, to do this you must complete all the steps on the Nexus 5 Teardown guide Nexus 5 Teardown

    • In this video you can see the damage; the screen has lost touch sensitivity in the areas that are blank in this drawing program.

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    • Flex what needs to be unstick

    • The flex is strongly stuck on the frame, to remove it warm with a Heat Gun.

    I don't really understand this part :/

    pawzubr - Yanıt

    Hi, to separate the screen and the frame you need unstick the flex.

    This flex is strongly sticked on the frame and if you tried to unstick you might damage it, you can separate easily if you apply some heat on it.

    Once you have applied heat on the flex you can pull it and this will unstick easily and then you can continue with the next step.

    Eneider Colina -

    • I used a multimeter with temperature measurement; it's not exact but it works.

    • Heating the edges.

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    • Be careful with the flex!

    • If you are installing a new LCD screen you must put it on the frame and follow all the steps in reverse order.

    • With a guitar pick you can separate the screen slowly.

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    • I used a hair dryer with cold air to help to separate the layers.

    • The first layer we need remove.

    • The second layer still on the frame of the screen.

    • The wet layers are on the screen

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    • use the guitar pick to separate the layers

    • 2nd layer

    • 3rd layer

    shall i remove first two layers???? AND when reassembling the phone - i should reassemble them too??? or i can trash them?

    aranofski - Yanıt

    • 3rd layer - don't separate.

    • 4th layer - don't separate.

    • 5th layer don't remove.

    • You can dry and clean all the layers (i use electrical contact cleaner).

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    • I cleaned all the layers perfectly with electronic contact cleaner.

    • Once you have cleaned and dried the layers you must reassemble in reverse order.

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    • I'm very scared disassembling the layers of the screen, i thought it wouldn't work but despite everything worked.

    • I did this because i can't use the phone, the screen are marked by itself.

    • This screen is bad but it works almost perfectly as you can see on the video.

    • I must replace the LCD screen, but if you haven't money to replace and you want use which you have, this guide is perfect for you.

    Did it also fix the touchscreen not responding? Because a heve the exact same problem even the same place where the touch isn't working. Thanks in advance

    Stijn Liekens - Yanıt

    Hi sorry for answer late; no, this not fix the touchscreen, i still have the trouble, the touchscreen on that side of the screen is damaged and the only solution is replace it with a new screen, but if you screen its crazy and it your mark by that itself, is able to fix and avoid any inconvenience this causes.

    Eneider Colina -


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hello, I dropped my Nexus 5 today and the front glass got broken; the LCD and the touch are working perfectly. Is it possible to only replace the front glass? Thanks

Mohamed Annous - Yanıt

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