Gather the necessary tools
  • Gather the necessary tools

    • 1--Soldering Iron

    • 2--Solder

    • 3--DB9 Enclosure. This one is being used here.

    • 4--RS232 to TTL/CMOS converter. sells the one used here. Cisco does not recommend or endorse Alldav specifically.

    • 5--Cable w/RJ45 connector on one end Any type of cable with an 8P8C (RJ45) connector could used as long as pins 1,2,7 & 8 are connected. A standard RJ45 cable is being used here.

    • You will also need wire strippers and possibly a screwdriver (depending on which DB9 enclosure you are using).

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Prep the cable. Strip the sheathing from the wires that correspond to pins 1,2,7 & 8.
  • Prep the cable. Strip the sheathing from the wires that correspond to pins 1,2,7 & 8.

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  • Connect the RS232 to TTL/CMOS converter. Connect the RS232 to TTL/CMOS converter to the cable and solder the connections. Note: The colors used in the wiring diagram don't correspond to the color of the actual wires.

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  • Install the Enclosure The EX90 console is now complete. The subsequent steps will cover making a console connection.

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  • Make a Console Connection. Locate the Console Port. The EX90 console port is an 8P8C (RJ45) connection and is located on the bottom left corner of the unit.

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  • Connect to the Console Port. Plug the 8P8C (RJ45) end into the console port. You'll have to lean the unit forward to plug the cable in. It might be a little awkward to do alone. If someone else is available, ask for their assistance. As a last resort, lay the unit down. Ensure you have something soft (like a towel) to lay the unit on.

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  • Connect the DB9 to a USB serial adapter and connect to a laptop/PC.

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  • Configure a Terminal Emulator Session Configure your terminal emulator with the following parameters:

    • Baud=38400

    • Data bits=8

    • Parity=none

    • Stop bits=1

    • Flow Control=none

  • The example uses HyperTerminal for Windows; configuring your terminal emulator may vary slightly.

  • You should now be at a login prompt when you connect with the terminal emulator.

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