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This Guide will walk you though the steps to reset your Polycom 335 IP phone to factory defaults..

    • 1. Hold 1+7+3+5 while powering on the device. This will prompt you for a Reset Password.

    • 2. By default the password is 456. You can reset the password with the Mac Address on the back. This is where it can be confusing. 1->Aa is used for entering the normal numbers. A->a1 is used for entering letters.

    • For the letter C we would hit the character button and change it to A->a1 then press the number 2 three times because 2 is actually A, B and C.

    • 3. Now that the unit had reset configuration and rebooted select Setup. The New default password is 456.

    • Navigate through the menu and find Reset to Defaults. Select and reboot. Log back into unit and verify all IP addresses and other client Information has been successfully removed.

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