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This has been the same for us on all Tipp-Ex PM we have purchased. After some time, the tape was no longer collected by the waste roll and only pulled from the device. This makes the device unsusable.

To fix it is simple. You need to empty the front roll from the used tape. Now it can collect again and the tape will not fall off and block the roll.

Carefully open the device with a screwdriver. Do not apply too much force, or the device will break. Take care to not paint your cloth or working table with remaining Tipp-Ex color flakes.

To fully open the housing, you need to open the red nose. It can be pulled off and later reattached. Remove the top from the mouse, this is the side that has the hole for the screw-driver.

You need to remove the rubber-band holding the front and back roll in sync. Dont flip the rolls around, remove it carefully. Now unroll about 5-10 cm used tape from the front roll. We have reached the point of no return: Cut off the tape.

In your hands is the now free front roll with all the clumped tape garbage. Remove all of it, throw it in the waste.

Use a small slice of duct tape (~3mm width) and stick the tape back to the front roll. Do not rotate the tape in this step. Now wind up some tape on the now empty roll and place it back into the mouse.

Make sure, the tape is not twisted before you reattach the rubber band.

As a last measure tighten the tape between front and back roll, then attach the cover.

If you have broken the cover on opening or closing, just use duct tape :-)


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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