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Use this method to force restart your OnePlus Nord in case it hung up, got stuck in menus, or froze.

  1. How to force restart the OnePlus Nord, How to force restart the OnePlus Nord: step 1, image 1 of 1
    • Simultaneously push and hold the volume up and the power button.

    • Make sure you hit the UP part of the volume rocker. The down part will initiate a factory reset.

    • Release both buttons when you see the OnePlus logo come up.

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what is this weird problem one plus nord suddenly get switch off while on call ..

kindly advice to get ride of this problem for forever .

Pushpa Rajput - Yanıt

My mobile has hanging & automatically switch off/on please solve problem

durga Viswanadh - Yanıt

It worked! Great help! Thank youuu

metaphysicalevil - Yanıt

Finally after trying for over 2 hours! Than you so much!

xkellileighx - Yanıt

mi telefono aparese que est corrupt i lo e reiniciado pero no enciende nomas cae eso

Leslie Alexa Garay - Yanıt

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