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How to open a phone with a 3D printer (no joke)

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  1. How to open a phone with a 3D printer (no joke), How to open a phone with a 3D printer (no joke): adım 1, 1 resimden 1.
    • First, turn on your 3D printer and make sure that there is no residue (such as plastic) left on the print bed.

    • Make sure the printer is fully functional. It must not have any malfunctions, as higher temperatures are used here.

  2. How to open a phone with a 3D printer (no joke): adım 2, 1 resimden 1.
    • Now set the heat of the print bed to 70-80 °C, depending on how capable your printer is. You can safely leave the hotend cool, we don't need it.

    • Do not touch the print bed! You can get burned.

  3. How to open a phone with a 3D printer (no joke): adım 3, 1 resimden 1.
    • Put the cell phone on the print bed.

    • 30 seconds to one minute should be sufficient for most devices. However, if the adhesive is more stubborn, you can safely let it "cook" longer.

    • The print bed transfers a lot of direct heat quickly. That means you don't have to wait long.

    • If you're done with that, you can take the phone off the print bed again and start picking at it.

    • It is best to only handle the phone with protection, such as a kitchen towel or gloves! The underside of the cell phone gets very hot.


You are done, congratulations!

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wow, just wow


Jeff H - Yanıt

i was thinking of the same idea, i think you can just use baking paper (Parchment paper) between phone and the build plate, just in case some plastic gets stuck to phone

Tommy - Yanıt

Dude. This rules. Why oh why did I never think of this 🙄. Heating up my pixel 3 with a hot air station like a fool, when. I have a perfectly good Bambu p1p.

Connor Shattuck - Yanıt

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