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The video in this is not mine. I used it to help me write this.

I will add images/pictures at a later date when I am able to do this again at some point in the future.

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How to dismantle a Xbox 360 external hard drive.

    • Get your old xbox 360 External HDD(Hard Disk Drive)

    • Locate the screws

    • Insert it down into the slots. You should hear a slight click if it has been inserted correctly.

    • I hear Microsoft's warranty support service doesn't take kindly to freely bouncing hard drives.


Cheaper and less hassle than to get a hard drive for the Xbox 360 Slim and transfer data.

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If you don’t have the metal tray the HDD it secured too you can still insert the hard drive into the new console although it will be suspended by the connector and will bounce around and could easily become dislodged if the console was moved and you hard drive could fall and end up corrupted.

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Hence why I put the last part and in red. You must of seen the funny side of it.

Paul -

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