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How to reboot the Flipper Zero

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    • Press the Back- and Left-buttons at the same time.

    • This is a hardware reboot that triggers the CPU to restart firmware. Even when the operating system does not respond, the hardware restart will still work.

    • In this mode, Flipper Zero activates the bootloader and is detected in the computer as a DFU device. When the firmware is updated, Flipper Zero enters the recovery mode on its own. To exit this mode, perform a reboot.

    • Press the Back- and Left-buttons at the same time.

    • Release the Back-button but don't release the Left-button until the blue LED lights up.

    • If the bootloader is damaged, rebooting to update mode will not work. There will be no image on Flipper Zero's screen and the status LED will not work. In this case, only the full recovery mode will help to restore the device.

    • Disconnect Flipper Zero from USB.

    • Press and hold the OK- and Back-buttons for 30 seconds.

    • Connect the device to your computer.

    • Go to Main Menu > Settings > Power > Reboot.

    • Select Flipper OS, and then press the OK-button.

    • Connect your Flipper Zero to your PC.

    • Open Putty or a similar application.

    • Connect to the Flipper Zero COM port at 115200 bauds.

    • Enter the reboot-command and press Enter.


Have fun!

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