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How to reset the PIN of a Flipper Zero

  1. How to reset the PIN of a Flipper Zero, Reset your PIN: adım 1, 1 resimden 1.
    • Hold the Up- and Back-buttons for 30 seconds.

  2. How to reset the PIN of a Flipper Zero, Confirm the Reset: adım 2, 1 resimden 1.
    • Confirm the reset procedure by holding the Right-button.


Try to remember your PIN next time!

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Every time I attempt this, it goes black 20 seconds in the 30 seconds and resets the locked timer.

vmmmp - Yanıt

You have to wait until the timer ends and it asks for the passcode again. Only THEN can you perform the steps. I just successfully did so after experiencing the same issue as you.

Massimo Cracchiolo - Yanıt

If i do the same steps my flipper says: Flipper crashed and was rebooted HardFault. What can i do? is there maybe another way ?

Anke Seeland (Ankmaus) - Yanıt

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