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How to wind back the EPB, electronic parking brake, to change rear brake pads

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Just follow the video for how to change the rear pads on cars fitted with EPB. This is on a Discovery Sport but applies to others.

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Excellent tutorial, clear and easy to follow, perfect if you are a novice, looking for the same for the front pads now. - Yanıt

The front pads should be a lot easier because there’s no awkward handbrake to deal with just push back the caliper pistons with a long screwdriver pushing it evenly both sides.

jon -

You can also rewind them using a 12v source rather than taking the cover off (I was worried on my scenic that it might leak if I broke the seal). The cars know when to stop winding as they sence the current increase when the motor jams. We humans can just use our ears. As long as you take the wire off the battery the very second the motor stops you’ll be fine.

Here is me doing mine this weekend.

James Taylor - Yanıt

Discover 150cc bike shocker problem how to repair

Md Shahid - Yanıt

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