1. My friend gave me it for 5€ (broken lcd and touch) so i took it apart
    • My friend gave me it for 5€ (broken lcd and touch) so i took it apart

    • Yours may look different but tutorial like this should help you anyway :)

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  2. That's back of Huawei ascend g510
    • That's back of Huawei ascend g510

    • It's Inexpensive android phone

    • To open pry left down corner

    • You don't need any tools for this... You can pry any corner to pop the back open

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    • First remove battery

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    • It's HB4W1H 3.7v 1750mAh (6.5Wh) Li-ion battery

    • Don't mess with Lithium ion batteries... (And don't take apart)

    • MADE IN CHINA... As everything

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    • There are

    • 7 black T5 screws

    • 1 white T5 screw

    • 1 black Philipps #0 screw

    • Just remove all and sort them so you don't mix them

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    • There are many clips along the sides

    • Don't pry to hard or you'll break some plastic

    • These clips really suck

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    • First undo all connectors (lcd, touch, camera, sim/sd slot)

    • Main PCB is hold with clips and glue

    • Really frustrating to remove it... Glue or clips are everywhere

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    • That's the camera

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    • Let's take look at pcb.

    • Unmodular and crusty... I don't like it at all

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    • As bad as front

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    • To separate glass (with touch) just heat it up to loosen adhesive

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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It just won't read my sim card,i was wondering if there is a setting that has been changed?

Michael Cummins - Yanıt

I have a good idea of what you are doing and how much you are doing. I have a nice day ahead of the individual named recipient

Michael Cummins - Yanıt

Dear sir

My phone huawei G510 runs but the display light is not coming please can u give me some suggestion how to repair it

sak - Yanıt

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