In this guide we are going to replace the LCD display on the Huawei ascend Y300 android smartphone. Before we start it is a good idea to prepare an organised area to carry out the repair, it is also a good Idea to get a small bowl or parts tray to put the small screws in so that they aren't lost.

  1. Remove the rear cover at the back by pulling the gap located at the bottom of the phone.
    • Remove the rear cover at the back by pulling the gap located at the bottom of the phone.

    • Lift up and remove the battery

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  2. Leave the phone down on a table.
    • Leave the phone down on a table.

    • 8 screws are what we need to remove next. There is one hiding below a white sticker

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    • Use a screwdriver (T4 if you are using the 54 bit driver kit) to remove the 8 screws along the edges of the phone. There are four in each corner and four in the middle on the sides.

    • Put the screws on the magnetic mat/parts tray or bowl to make sure they are not lost.

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    • Use the black plastic opening tool by fitting it into the gaps to pull back the frame.

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    • On the left of the motherboard there is a ribbon cable that connects the volume rocker to the motherboard, we need to disconnect it.

    • To do this, using either the spudger or tweezers lift up the retention flap holding the cable down.

    • Next using the tweezers carefully pull the ribbon cable away from the socket it was in until it is completely clear of the connector.

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    • There are two more ribbon cables at the top that must also be disconnected, to do this simply lift them up from their connecter with the tweezers or with the spudger.

    it's important to add that lateral flat cable can be lift up only after turning up the rotating switch which is on the lower side.

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    just did some edits to this repair guide fixing that issue, the edits are just waiting to be verified, sorry about the poor image quality in the new step 6 best I could do with only 2 hands and a OnePlus One camera.

    Jack Punter -

    • Pull back the orange tab. Carefully disconnect this.

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    • Once the orange tabs are pulled back, use a plastic wedge to detach the LCD screen.

    • Carefully pull the screen away from the cover and replace the LCD with a new one

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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it a good advise and easy

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