Use this guide to replace a faulty lid switch on your Kenmore 110 series washing machine.

  1. To avoid risk of electric shock, unplug the washing machine.
    • To avoid risk of electric shock, unplug the washing machine.

    • Using a 5/16" socket wrench or an adjustable wrench, remove the three screws from the top rear of the washer.

    • Lifting from the rear, remove the top panel.

    • Set the top panel on its rear face, with its underside facing you.

      • The top panel will still be connected to the washer by wires and hoses. It will help if you have a flat raised surface to set the top panel on.

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  2. Using a 5/16" socket wrench or hand wrench, remove the two screws from the component cover.
    • Using a 5/16" socket wrench or hand wrench, remove the two screws from the component cover.

    • Gripping from the bottom, pull the component cover out of the washer.

    My switch is brown and black with 4 wires, no ground, and soldered in. Pn: W10238287 Not the one you're showing. Kemore washr mod #110

    Vince Worren - Yanıt

    Please reply as I am 24yrs HVACR and zero appliance tech.

    Vince Worren - Yanıt

    • Carefully unplug the two wires connected to the lid switch.

    • Remove the two Phillips screws securing the bracket.

    • Remove the green ground wire.

    • With a screwdriver, remove the single screw connecting the lid switch to the bracket.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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My Kenmore Model 110.24622300 does NOT look anything like this!

rlhaan36 - Yanıt

my model # 11088732796 is not the same as yours

glafleur1 -

No it ia neither of those. Thank for the reply though. My washer is a 90 series.

Jenn Leffring -

Lol I found the solution on YouTube. All it takes is a zip tie because the lid switch for he 90s series Kenmore washer is two half pieces glued together

Jenn Leffring - Yanıt

my Kenmore washer model# is 110.24812200; series CP2654205. Cannot remove top to repair lid switch following your video! removed the three screwsf from the back but cannot get control panal to come off! Please reply soon.

bill wardle - Yanıt

I am trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with our 110. We have the portable washer and it worked great, up until it just didn't work. I noticed before it quit the buttons were hard to push. I thought it was my fingers. Just not hitting the button right. So I watched my hand and saw I was. It did that last load and that was it. The control panel still lights up for a few seconds and than goes blank. You cannot select anything. I thought it might be the lid switch because if the lid isn't latched, anything gets caught in the way, it will not work. Kids socks get in the darndest places. Anyone have this issue? It's driving me crazy. If so, how did you fix it? Thank you.

Shara Holmen - Yanıt

Umm, why is my detailed question about a Kenmore 80 Series (or is it a 110 Series?) washing machine being recognized as spam by your automated mediation system?  I even created an account and logged in before typing and submitting the comment/question.  ???

joediddly13 - Yanıt

I cannot find a switch model number for Kenmore 110-92282100 where can I get a switch

Helen Neal - Yanıt

Hi Helen,

You can find it in the following link

Luis Fernando Guzman -

I cannot find a switch for my Kenmore washer model no.

Helen Neal - Yanıt

What is your Kenmore series and model? The series number is on the top of the washer

Luis Fernando Guzman -

when I start the washing machine model 110.20022012 the lid lock light starts flashing and will not stay locked to wash the clothes. what is the problem. We have changed the switch but it is still doing the same thing

Pat Knight - Yanıt

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