This guide is meant to teach reader to install a new LCD screen. If the current LCD screen is broken or cracked LCD screen, this guide will help the reader to replace it with a new one.


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  1. Flip the camera over so the bottom is facing you.
    • Flip the camera over so the bottom is facing you.

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  2. Open the cover on the bottom by sliding it in the direction of the arrow.
    • Open the cover on the bottom by sliding it in the direction of the arrow.

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    • Remove the batteries by pulling up on the top with your fingers.

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    • Unless otherwise stated, use a phillips #00 screwdriver to remove screws.

    • Remove the two 4.70mm screws in the bottom of the plastic casing.

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    • Remove the four 4.70mm screws in the left side of the camera.

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    • Now on the side with the strap, remove the other four 4.70mm screws.

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    • Use your thumbs to pry the case apart.

    • It is easiest to pry to case apart if your start at the bottom.

    • The case should come apart with minimal effort. If it doesn't, you can use a tool such as a Spudger or Plastic Opening tool.

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    • This step requires a significant amount of force.

    • Pull the bottom half of the inner camera out of case about half an inch. This may be difficult and force is necessary.

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    • While pulling the camera out of the case, note the small soft plastic cover on the side of the camera. This cover will detach from the rest of the device.

    • Once the bottom of the inner camera is pulled out about an inch and a half, pull the device out completely.

    • When completely removing the device from the case, use a firm grasp with your hands for stability and control.

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    • Turn the camera so that the LCD screen is facing you.

    • If case is still on, remove it by following the Plastic Casing Installation Guide found in the previous steps.

    • You will not be able to complete this guide without removing the casing completely.

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    • Remove the four 4.40mm screws that hold the LCD screen in place to the frame.

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    • Allow the LCD screen to flip down. This will expose the electric strip connecting the screen to the camera.

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    • Look for where the yellow electric strip is attached to the camera. There is a plastic grey bar and a white base holding this strip in place.

    • Push the grey bar away from the white base. This will release the yellow electric strip and free the LCD screen from the camera.

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    • Unplug the connected red and white wires. They will come out with the small white casing.

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    • Flip camera so that the lens is facing away from you. You should be looking at the LCD screen.

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    • Remove bottom left LCD mounting frame screw.

    • Remove LCD screen from camera. Screen should come loose after screw is removed. Make sure electric strip comes out with screen.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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