Use this guide to replace the rear facing camera lens cover.

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  1. A nice big rugged case is all good and well but it can't protect everything
    • A nice big rugged case is all good and well but it can't protect everything

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  2. Locate the niche on the bottom right side of the phone.
    • Locate the niche on the bottom right side of the phone.

    • You can use your finger nail or a pry tool to pop open the battery cover.

    • It is clipped on all around the phone. It shouldn't take too much force to open. It's quite easy to remove.

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    • Remove the two screws holding the camera lens cover on. Keep in mind they are two different sizes. Short one up top, longer one on bottom. Use a small phillips head screwdriver. (sorry for removing them before taking the pic)

    • Remove the camera lens cover. I used my sharp pointed tweezers to pop the bottom of the cover up. It is also held in with small clips, much like the battery cover.

    • Save the volume/power button from the old cover and reuse it with the new camera lens cover.

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    • Clean the camera lens and the new camera lens cover. Put the new cover in. I put the left side in at an angle first and then popped the right side in to the clips. Don't use too much force or it could possibly break the plastic

    • Put the battery cover back on and slap your phone back in it's case if you have one. Done!

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This guide gave me the push to fix my lens cap issue myself. Ordered replacement parts off ebay from china for real cheap and it took me all of five minutes to replace the lens cap. now my pictures turn out great and I know how to fix this minor issue. Thanks!

Billy - Yanıt

That's great to hear Billy. This phone is quite easy to fix. I might post another guide on it soon

Logan - Yanıt

Where I can by it

Naim Sadiku - Yanıt

I purchased mine from amazon

Logan - Yanıt

Excellent step by step. It is so simple yet without the confidence to even attempt to take the phone apart I would have not known. Thank you sir!

jasonstovall - Yanıt

I got water in my back camera, do you think this will work for that?

angelajord - Yanıt

Logan, thanks for the very well done diy. I can Repair my phone with confidence now. Graciás!

Josh Rodriguez - Yanıt

it is the same for the lg g3 stylus? thanks!

thebubupunk - Yanıt

The problem I'm having is finding a *quality* replacement rear lens cover for my LG VS985. Does anyone know of one? Amazon reviews for this item say they all break easily or are not clear & blemish-free.

will - Yanıt

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