The rear-facing camera may be causing problems due to either the ribbon cable not being connected properly or because the camera is broken. This guide should help you fix both problems.

  1. Take your phone and place it screen down.
    • Take your phone and place it screen down.

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  2. Start by lifting the back panel using the gap located on the bottom-left side of the phone.
    • Start by lifting the back panel using the gap located on the bottom-left side of the phone.

    • Insert the plastic opening tool into the gap and move it along the edge of the phone until the rear case pops off.

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    • Remove the battery from the phone.

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    • Remove the 13 screws found on the back of the phone.

    • The screw circled in red is shorter than the other 12 screws. For an easier time when reassembling the phone, store it separately from the other screws.

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    • Locate the same gap used in the earlier step

    • Remove the bottom panel by gently lifting using your fingers

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    • Remove the top panel by gently lifting with your finger

    • Do not pull up too forcefully, as there is a risk of the top panel breaking

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    • Check to see that the ribbon cable is connected properly. If it was not, connect it and see if the rear-facing camera now functions as intended. Otherwise, proceed

    • Take the plastic opening tool and gently wedge it under where the ribbon cable is connected

    • Gently lift up to disconnect the ribbon cable

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    • Repeat the same process for the other 3 ribbon cables connected to the motherboard

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    • Remove the motherboard by lifting gently

    • Take care not to damage the ribbon cables if the other components are functional. Damaging them may result in other components not working

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    • Take the plastic opening tool and remove the rear-facing camera by wedging it into the sides and lifting up

    • The rear-facing camera is kept in place with a double-sided tape, so it may take some time and effort to get it out. Attack it from all sides

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    • Remove the old rear-facing camera

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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perfect. Camera had stopped functioning on my G3 (due to some clumsiness on my part). Followed the steps and disconnect camera ribbon, then reconnected and reassembled. Now all functioning perfectly.

Andy Corps - Yanıt

how was it not functioning? Mine suddenly wont even detect that there is a back camera and I am debating whether to try this and risk ruining the phone or just spending the extra cash and having it done professionally since I can't get a new one until april.

Claire Robbins -

Mine the camera started crashing 'unfortunately camera stopped' but the selfie cam worked. Reset did nothing have to try this.

Gad Mugane - Yanıt

Will the phone work with out the camera in it?

Mike Kizer - Yanıt

Excellent guide.    Bad auto focus, replaced -> works !

Would add in step 6, top panel is held on by small plastic tabs on the edges.

As with all electronic dis/assembly, make sure take appropriate anti-static precautions.

Jonathan Ling - Yanıt

This is old thread. But i Changed of Android Version (7.1 now) and changed Camera part… and still crashing / detecting only front camera. Seems a motherboard issue. Game Over.

Gonzalo Goldschein - Yanıt

And actually had 1 motherboard change from D855AR to D852… what a crappy motherboard. It fails screen flex / gpu / Sim - MicroSD slot… and this camera thing… This is all about heat issue.

Gonzalo Goldschein - Yanıt

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