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  1. With one hand, push the rectangular button located on the back top-side of the phone.
    • With one hand, push the rectangular button located on the back top-side of the phone.

  2. With your other hand, remove the rear cover.
    • With your other hand, remove the rear cover.

    • Remove 6 black screws around the edge of the slide spring frame, 1 in each corner, and 1 on each side. A screw may be covered by the slide spring. Simply move the slide spring to the other side to access that screw.

    • Use the popping tool to go around the seem and slowly pull off slide spring assembly, making sure the ribbon connector does not get caught.

    • Once you have removed the slide panel and can see the back of the screen you first need to remove the connector ribbon, it is attached near the bottom of the phone. Just like disconnecting the first end of it this end is also removed by popping it off.

    • The next step is peeling off the three pieces of tape. The first two are green and located at the bottom left and bottom right of the phone. Carefully peel them off of the phone.

    • The last piece of tape is the gold piece located near the middle of the phone on the back of the silver LCD and across the copper colored ribbon. Carefully peel off the tape without ripping or damaging the copper ribbon.

    • Hold the ribbon down with 2 fingers, one on each side of the tape, and peel the tape off with the other hand.

    • Now you need to disconnect that copper colored ribbon. it is connected at the bottom of the phone like the other ribbon. Just pop it off there. It is still attached at the top and that is ok.

    • Use the popping tool and go around the silver screen and begin to lift it up.

    • Once it has been lifted up slightly you will be able to slide the bottom half of the green circuit board located below the screen off of the phone by pulling down on it. Then you will be able to finish popping the screen out.

    • Get a new screen and replace it. Follow the instructions in reverse to reassemble the phone with your new screen.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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