Replace digitizer glass in LG Optimus F3 LS720. Also demonstrates almost complete teardown.

  1. Remove Back Cover
    • Remove Back Cover

    • Remove SDCard (if you have one)

    • Remove SIM Card

    • Remove Battery

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  2. Remove 10 Philips Head screws
    • Remove 10 Philips Head screws

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    • Using a pry took, pry the back plate off of the phone. Work your way around, prying the tabs as you come to them.

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    • Use pry tool to disconnect camera cable and then remove the camera

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    • Use pry tool to disconnect 4 ribbon cables and two antenna wires.

    5 ribbon cables, 1 is shown released next to camera.

    Tim - Yanıt

    • Use pry tool to gently remove the logic board.

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    • Use pry tool to remove headphone jack.

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    • Use the pry tool to pry the front frame off of the main body of the phone.

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    • Carefully pull the digitizer cable through the slot. There will be a small piece of rubber blocking the opening. You may remove it, or just pull through it.

      • Note: If the slot is not wide enough, make sure that you removed the headphone jack, as described in step 7.

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    • Use a heat gun or blow dryer to heat up the adhesive holding the glass in the frame. Carefully remove the glass using a pry tool.

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    • Clean existing adhesive off of frame, or reuse it if you managed to keep it intact.

      • Apply new adhesive if not reusing existing adhesive.

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    • Insert new glass.

    • Ensure that speaker cover at top of phone is in place.

    • Reverse steps to reassemble phone.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Rita Snodgrass

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I followed the guide, put it back together but it now starts up and only stays up for a bit before reporting a heating issue. It feels hot in the upper left hand corner of the phone as well as the back upper middle.

any thoughts on what I did wrong?

chris baggett - Yanıt

I did this repair successfully, and linked to an album of photos below. I actually took these photos while putting it back together, but I reversed the order to help with taking it apart.

There's a couple things to watch out for.

First - there's two versions of the screen for the LG Optimus F3. You either have the (LS720/MS659/VM720) screen, which has rounded corners at the top (like mine), or the (MS659/P659), which has square corners at the top. I bought the wrong one, and cracked it trying to grind the corners off at the top.

You will need to use a heat gun to get the old screen off, and I just used an epoxy to attach the new one.

When reassembling, make sure all of your wires are plugged back in. I missed one, and I was getting no signal. Last thing - make sure you put the main center button in before you snap the front screen assembly to the main phone body.

James - Yanıt

screen replaced. phone turns on

yet device touch screen does not work.

Anthony - Yanıt

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