Make sure to remove the inside cover to be able to reach the SD/SIM card ports.

  1. Make sure before you begin working on your device, that the device is not charging.
    • Make sure before you begin working on your device, that the device is not charging.

    • Once you have access to the phone, there is a small indent on the bottom left side. Use your fingernail or a plastic opening tool to pry from here and pull off the back casing.

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  2. Once you have properly removed the outer casing, the back should look as so.
    • Once you have properly removed the outer casing, the back should look as so.

    • To remove the battery, pull up from the red mark using your finger. The battery should come up at an angle, and easily be able to be removed.

    • Once the battery is removed you may safely proceed to the next step.

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    • Make sure you remove the battery first. You will see that there are 14 screws on the back of the inner case. Use the Phillips head screwdriver to remove each of the screws, make sure to put the screws in a safe place where they will not get lost.

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    • Once you have removed all the screws, you can begin removing the inside cover.

    • Insert the opening tool using a sliding motion into one of the corners and move it along the edges of the inside cover. This will loosen the edges and the inside cover will pry apart from the shell.

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    • The inner cover is now removed, you now have access to the many parts on the inside of the phone.

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    • Using your plastic opening tool, disconnect the connection between the phone and the ribbon cable. Make sure to use even pressure as you apply it to the cable.

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    • In this next step it is easy to pry the wrong piece. Make sure to pry at the metal platform that the sister board sits on, not the orange printed circuit board itself.

    • Using your prying tool, pry at the right red marked corner, making sure to pull at the metal platform under the circuit board. Once it is raised slightly, pull along the underside until the left red mark. This should loosen the board and allow it to be removed.

    • If it's still unable to be removed, try to pry at the orange mark, making sure to pull at the same metal platform.

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    • You can now raise and remove the sisterboard with your plastic opening tool or your fingers.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Can this part use to replace LG Gx F310L (LG Optimus G Pro Korean version)?

zlebors - Yanıt

Oops! The tutorial makes no mention of the 3 little buttons that will fall out when taking off the inner cover. I'm using tape from the outside to hold the buttons in place.

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Really nice instructions, thanks. One point of confusion for me, the original metal platform had raised edges and the one on the replacement did not. Just an FYI for others that may be momentarily stumped like I was.

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How can I get the sim panel? Pls I need it

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My Sim Jecket is troubling. I want new sim circuit.

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