Use this guide to remove or replace the black plastic base plate on your Mac mini Late 2014.

The bottom cover is clipped onto three screw posts.
  • The bottom cover is clipped onto three screw posts.

  • Pry near, but not right on the screw posts.

Read Me First: I purchased an SSD drive directly from Crucial and, of course, it came uninitialized. After going thru the entire tear down, installing the new drive, and rebuilding the mini, it refused to recognize the new drive. So, of course, I had to re-tear it down, remove the new drive, insert it into an external housing and format it using my Macbook. After that the mini recognized the new drive. A word to the wise: format the new drive before installing it.

tom - Yanıt

How were you installing the OS? I am planning on booting into a USB drive with a copy of OS High Sierra on it, and I assume I will be able to format my new Samsung SSD using that?

Simon - Yanıt

On my Samsung EVO 850, mac mini download system automaticly

Stefan Repac - Yanıt

Pre-formatting is not necessary if you make a USB boot installation drive with macOS installer. During boot up, hold down the option key until the mac boot into the USB, formatting can then be done using disk utility running off the USB drive.

SBR249 - Yanıt

I had the exact same experience as tom. I installed a brand new 2TB Samsung 850 EVO and it was not recognized by the Mac Mini. I booted from a portable USB drive with a bootable copy of macOS High Sierra but the 850 EVO SSD I had just installed was not shown as an option. I tore down the Mac Mini again, formatted the 850 EVO, rebuilt the Mac Mini, and booted off the same bootable High Sierra USB drive, and sure enough the 850 EVO was recognized.

maxim - Yanıt

diskutil list

diskutil erasedisk [filesystem] [drivename] /dev/disk[disk number]

Paul Rodgers - Yanıt

Use the plastic opening tool to pry the bottom cover up off of the Mac mini.
  • Use the plastic opening tool to pry the bottom cover up off of the Mac mini.

I used some wooden toothpicks instead of the opening tool. This worked flawless for me.

mhomscheidt - Yanıt

  • Lift and remove the bottom cover.

I taped the "Mac Mini Logic Board Removal Tool" to the flat part of the antenna plate before sealing everything up again. I mean, where else am I supposed to store it without forgetting where it is? I'm pretty sure it won't cause any problems there.

Richard - Yanıt

That’s a brilliant idea, @mrredwood!

Dan Moore -


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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