Replacing the hard drive is straight forward and all you need is a Phillips head screw driver. Use this guide to replace a hard drive in your Mac Pro.


Make sure you back up your files onto the replacement hard drive before swapping in the machine. If switching to a brand new hard drive you will probably have to re install your operating system in order to keep your computer running as usual.

Also be careful with your hard drive as damaging it can mean that you lose your files.


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  1. Lift the lever to unlock the case.
    • Lift the lever to unlock the case.

  2. Remove the side panel of the Mac Pro.
    • Remove the side panel of the Mac Pro.

    • Discharge any static electricity by touching a grounded surface prior to working on any internal components.

    • Locate the desired hard drive bay after opening the case .

    • This is usually the drive closest to the front of the case.

    • Make sure that the clip used to release the side panel is open or the Hard Drive bays won't slide out

    • Pull the Hard Drive straight out by grabbing the metal sled from the bottom. It may be hard to pull out at first, but after it gets released the sled shouldn't take a lot of effort to remove.

    • When handling the hard drive hold it by the sled or sides be sure not to touch the green circuit board visible in all 3 pictures.

    • Locate the four 6-32 type screws on the Hard Drive sled.

    • Using a Phillips head screw driver remove the four screws and separate the metal sled from the Hard Drive


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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