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  1. 移除将底壳与Air相固定的10颗螺丝。
    • 移除将底壳与Air相固定的10颗螺丝。

    • 6颗2.8mm 十字螺丝。

    • 2颗3.8mm 十字螺丝。

    • 2颗5.4mm 十字螺丝。

  2. 稍稍从通风口附近提起,将其推向计算机的后部以释放安装卡舌。 稍稍从通风口附近提起,将其推向计算机的后部以释放安装卡舌。
    • 稍稍从通风口附近提起,将其推向计算机的后部以释放安装卡舌。

  3. Android Tamir Setleri

    Yeni bir ekran veya pil, bir tamir kiti kadar yakınında.

    Hemen Alışveriş Yapın

    Android Tamir Setleri

    Yeni bir ekran veya pil, bir tamir kiti kadar yakınında.

    Hemen Alışveriş Yapın
  4. 径直将电池连接头从插座中拔出来断开连接。
    • 径直将电池连接头从插座中拔出来断开连接。

  5. 移除下列9颗将电池与Air相固定的螺丝。
    • 移除下列9颗将电池与Air相固定的螺丝。

    • 4颗2.9mm 十字螺丝。

    • 4颗3.8mm 十字螺丝。

    • 1颗7.2mm 十字螺丝。

  6. 将电池从Air中取出。
    • 将电池从Air中取出。

    • 在你使用的电池之前先 校准 它:

    • 充电至100%,然后继续充电至少2小时。然后,拔下并正常使用以排空电池。当您看到低电量警告时,请保存你的工作,并保持笔记本电脑一直打开,直到它因电池电量不足而进入睡眠状态。等待至少5个小时,然后不间断地将笔记本电脑充电至100%。

    • 在你安装好你的新电池之后,如果你注意到任何不寻常的举动或是问题,你可能需要重置你MacBook Pro的SMC



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This doesn't make sense. The battery cost $110, plus shipping, which will come out to about $130, with next day shipping. Apple does it for $129, and will do it same day with an appointment. I know some people will do it for fun, but if you're trying to save money, I have to roll with Apple on this one.

jeehtoven - Yanıt

I ordered a replacement battery for $75 (shipping included) and 3 days later the switch is done (thanks for this easy guide!). Now, my wife's MBA is free from power cord again! It is a no brainer!

Mathieu Brassard - Yanıt

I have bought the This replacment a1245 battey - A1237 and A1304 Battery

thanks for the install guide

BatteryJohn - Yanıt

The host is cute.

tonkatuph - Yanıt

Well, that was easy. Now I can us my macbook air again without wires.

ppatel - Yanıt

Did it in minutes...cheaper than authorized Apple guy was charging me...machine works like a charm again. Thanks MJ & iFixit. :)

Jitendra B Amesar - Yanıt

Other guides mention from late 2010 onwards Apple use 5-star anti-tamper screws on the bottom lid. So such a bit is useful on those later models.

Gunnar Forsgren - Yanıt

Any idea where to buy the two screws of the battery? One of mine is spread and unusable.

Francesco Emanuele Bucci - Yanıt

Thanks for the guide. How long will this batteries give me? None of the site tell you.

Thanks again for the video.

Peter - Yanıt

The battery change is very simple. But now the battery isn't loading. The macbookair sees the battery but say not loading. loader was good and gives a green light.

who can help me?

Peter vd Raad - Yanıt

I think one should not forget before attempting to open the back of the computer is to shut down the computer.

Hiro Hara - Yanıt

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