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  1. 移除下列将 MacBook Pro 13" Unibody后壳固定的 10个 螺丝:
    • 移除下列将 MacBook Pro 13" Unibody后壳固定的 10个 螺丝:

    • 7个3 mm Phillips螺丝

    • 3个13.5 mm Phillips 螺丝

  2. 轻轻提起后壳然后推向电脑的后方来松开卡舌。
    • 轻轻提起后壳然后推向电脑的后方来松开卡舌。

  3. 拆下将电池固定在顶壳的三点螺丝。
    • 拆下将电池固定在顶壳的三点螺丝。

    • 1个 5.5 mm 三点螺丝。

    • 1个13.5 mm 三点螺丝

  4. 使用撬棒扁平的一段来将电池的连接器从逻辑板的插座中分离开来。
    • 使用撬棒扁平的一段来将电池的连接器从逻辑板的插座中分离开来。

  5. 将电池从顶壳中移除。
    • 将电池从顶壳中移除。



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My laptop wouldn't believe the battery was new until I reset the SMC as well ( ).

penguinofdeath - Yanıt

once the battery is replaced with a new one, should it be drained? or charged full?

Elliot - Yanıt

Myth. Charge it to where think you need the power level to be for "the beach" let's say and then charge it again at your room/in your car if you have the means/the bar with the right adaptor/ hotel lobby/ some hot opposite's room? Wait...

Chappy Jennings -

Apple is currently replacing battery for mid 2009 macbook pro for $129.95 no labor. If you've got a store nearby, not a bad option to get them to do it right and test to make sure battery, and not have to worry about the tiny screws. I've received two different reports however - 1 genius told me they could replace while I wait in about 20 minutes. Another told me I'd have to leave it over night.

John - Yanıt

Perfect! I didn't want to wait for the Tri-wing screwdriver to ship, so I gave it a try by wedging a FH 1 in between two of the wings. It worked well to unscrew, but you must be very careful when resetting the screws that hold the battery. If you get them started with your finger (a little pressure with your thumb pushing straight down will get the job done) then you can do a few final turns with the FH 1. If you try to start resetting the screws with the off-center-FH1-workaround, you will strip the screw! Keep the screws centered and don't force anything.

Laurence Benson - Yanıt

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