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MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar 2017 Thermal Paste Replacement

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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It is a really awesome video tutorial. Do you have another video tutorial to replace speakers of MacBook Pro 15 inch, 2017 touch bar, A1707 model?

Kyungil Kong - Yanıt

This guide is AWFUL. Doesn’t show the proper bits to use for screws. Some screws come out twice (how in the world did you edit it and not notice this??) and the order chosen makes absolutely no sense, he’s hopping around between different parts all over! How in the world is anyone meant to keep track of screws while hoping around every part in the chassis in random order?? PLEASE publish a real, step-by-step guide for this. I did a repaste a Macbook Air following a PROPER iFixit guide earlier and it was a MILLION times easier compared to this contributed $@$*. I’m halfway through this and thinking about giving up just because trying to decipher the guide video is so %#*@ difficult.

Aether - Yanıt

I just completed this guide, and I have to say, thank you! Although I will agree with Aether that the video isn’t too beginner friendly, for someone with intermediate experience opening up devices this guide is perfect! My trusty Macbook Pro had been feeling its age recently and I suspected the thermals were getting bad, so I followed this guide. Now, it's running cooler and faster than before. The fans don’t even have to spin up to 100% during Final Cut exports anymore!

If you were thinking about doing this, and you’re not a complete beginner, go for it! Just make sure to be EXTRA, EXTRA careful (this replacement took me 3 hours lol). Your computer will thank you!

Dylan Speiser - Yanıt

I applied the thermal paste(i.e. Arctic G5) to my MacBook Pro 2017 15 inch without any issue.

Lalitha Prasad - Yanıt

I did it. There is a TR8 screw on display hinge and the audio jack side has a T3 screw-hole that holds a price of the bridge, and these TR8s are the same diameter with T5s directly goes motherboard (6 short, 1 long), so don't get confused as I did.

I made a bit more detailed guide in addition to this guide below.

Mei Okubo - Yanıt

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