This guide will detail the installation of a new DLP chip into the light engine of the TV. Replacing the chip will often remove stationary white and black spots that appear over time.

  1. Remove the following 8 Phillips #1 screws:
    • Remove the following 8 Phillips #1 screws:

      • One 22 mm Phillips #1 in the bottom right corner of the back panel.

      • One 18 mm Phillips #1 in the top middle of the back panel.

      • Six 18 mm Phillips #1 in the rest of the back panel.

  2. Pull the back panel off of the television by gripping the sides and rotating it down.
    • Pull the back panel off of the television by gripping the sides and rotating it down.

    • Disconnect the light engine power cable by holding its white tab and pulling straight back.

    • Disconnect the four connections above the black data connection by gently pulling the plugs out of the sockets (some of the connections have a tab that must be pressed when pulling to disconnect).

    • Disconnect lamp ballast power and data connections in front of the light engine by pressing their corresponding tabs and pulling them apart.

    • Release the cables from the white cable ties by twisting the white cable clasps and pulling the cables out of the clasps.

    • Loosen the two secured Phillips #00 screws securing the black data connection to the light engine.

      • These two screws are attached to the connector and are not meant to be removed completely.

      • Gently pull the black connector off the light engine.

    • Use pliers to remove the two securing bolts from above and below the data port by rotating counterclockwise.

    • Remove the seven 8 mm Phillips #0 screws holding the plate to the light engine board.

    • Gently hold each side of the metal frame and pull it straight back to reveal the board and heat sinks underneath.

    • Disconnect the last connection from the light engine by holding the white tab and pulling straight back.

    • Remove the two 15 mm Phillips #0 screws holding the DLP heat sink to the light engine board.

      • Springs underneath the screws help hold the heat sink on top of the DLP chip. During reassembly do not tighten the screws down all the way. Doing so can damage the DLP chip.

    • Remove the five remaining 8 mm Phillips #0 screws.

    • Carefully pull the board to expose the two cables that connect to the back of the board.

      • Use pliers and tweezers to disconnect the ribbon cable by pulling it straight out of its socket and the data connector by holding its tab and pulling it straight back from the board.

    • Do not let the ribbon cable recede into the light engine.

    • Replacing the ribbon cable is the hardest step when you reassemble. You'll need to align the board with the bolt holes, and using fingers or tweezers line the ribbon with the slot (which you can't see) and push fairly hard to mate the connector. This cable goes to the color wheel. Be careful not to flip it upside down.

    • Tip: Plugging the holes with some painter's tape may make it harder for the wires to slip into the light engine once detached.

    • Lay the board facedown on a smooth surface.

      • Do not touch front of the dlp chip. Oils or dust will distort the tv image.

    • Use a small flathead screwdriver to turn the locking screw half a turn counterclockwise.

    • Remove DLP chip from the light engine board by pulling it straight back.

      • The photo shows an example of a broken DLP chip with hundreds of stuck pixels.

    • During reassembly after installing the new DLP chip, it is recommended that you remove the old thermal paste from the DLP heat sink with a thermal compound remover and purifier.

    • After removing the thermal compound, apply a small amount of new thermal compound (about the size of a grain of rice) and use a card to apply it evenly over the surface of the heat sink that will be in contact with the chip. This will improve the cooling of the chip during use and will prevent overheating that caused failure of the old chip.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Great guide... I found another similar guide on FixYourDLP website by googling "Replacing the 4719-001997 DLP Chip" and used a merger of both to fix my TV. The big difference was the number of steps and the detail to which both guides follow.

Ovadoggvo T - Yanıt

Just replaced our DLP chip following your instructions. It was a little trying, because we are not TV repairpeople; however, your instructions were PERFECT!!! Our TV looks good as new! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

Alice - Yanıt

I followed this guide step by step and replaced the chip with success! I found this to be very useful and having the pictures really helped with the installation.

Vickie - Yanıt

Thanks to this guide my Mitzubishi TV is as good as new. Bought a DLP chip on line for $130 and used this guide to replace it and no more white dots!

The pictures and steps in this guide perfectly depicted my TV so completed the whole chip replacement in about 1/2 hour. Thanks!

Chris Thornton - Yanıt

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