With this guide, you will be able to replace the headphone jack in a few simple steps.


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  1. You can remove the outer cover on the back of the phone by using a plastic opening tool. After removal the inner back cover will be exposed as shown.
    • You can remove the outer cover on the back of the phone by using a plastic opening tool. After removal the inner back cover will be exposed as shown.

    • This part is moderately difficult, especially if you've never taken the outer back cover off before this point.

    • It may take you several tries, but please be patient. The cover is surprisingly flexible, but not enough to withstand a lot of pressure.

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  2. Shut down the phone.
    • Shut down the phone.

    • Push SIM card until it pops out.

    • Remove SIM card.

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    • Using a T5 Torx screwdriver head, take out the 14 screws (3.5 mm diameter and 5 mm long) that hold the back plate in place.

    • Make sure to keep all of the screws together, as they are very easily lost.

    • The magnetic project mat or a container is a great way to keep all the little metal screws as well as other small metal pieces from being lost.

    Die Schrauben sind Torx T4!

    Armin Jacob - Yanıt

    To confirm Armin’s comment - yes, the screws are T4 not T5.

    Richard H - Yanıt

    • Use the plastic opening tool to take out the inner back cover after all the screws have been removed.

    • This will expose the motherboard and the attached battery.

    • Take note that once inner back cover is removed the two buttons on the side can easily fall out or be removed.

    It’s a good idea to make a note now of which way the buttons go back!

    Richard H - Yanıt

    • The headphone jack is located on the inside of the inner back case. It is directly in the middle and has approximately 5 gold strips that stick out. Located in green highlighted circle.

    • Be careful not to touch the gold strips. They are delicate and easily broken and ruined.

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    • You can use a plastic opening tool, spudger, or your fingers to remove the headphone jack. A plastic opening tool is shown in the picture so that you are able to see the process.

    • On the top of the headphone jack (where the plastic opening tool is) there is a hole. This is where you will put your tool for taking the piece out.

    • Gently pry the jack loose. It should pop out with little to no trouble.

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    • This will be your end result.

    • To replace, take the new headphone jack and line it up with hole. Gently press until it is all the way in and does not wiggle when jostled.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I just loved this idea, quite helpful!!

Andy T - Yanıt

Thank you so much! Clear and simple.

Lorenzo Chiccoli - Yanıt

My phone kept thinking that it had a hands-free plugged in, so would intermittently mute the microphone and earpiece. Once I had taken it apart, I found some tiny metal shards under the headphone jack connections. I have no idea where they had come from, but removing them fixed the problem.

andyfras126 - Yanıt

I did not know that changing the audio jack is possible. I thought it is attached to the back cover! Thank you so much!

Conrad Heimbold - Yanıt

Good clear instructions, but I would add that it is necessary to remove the SIM before removing the inner cover.

Colin Appleyard - Yanıt

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