The buttons on the Moto G can sometimes get lost or misaligned. This guide will show you how to replace them or fix them.


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  1. You can remove the outer cover on the back of the phone by using a plastic opening tool. After removal the inner back cover will be exposed as shown.
    • You can remove the outer cover on the back of the phone by using a plastic opening tool. After removal the inner back cover will be exposed as shown.

    • This part is moderately difficult, especially if you've never taken the outer back cover off before this point.

    • It may take you several tries, but please be patient. The cover is surprisingly flexible, but not enough to withstand a lot of pressure.

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  2. Shut down the phone.
    • Shut down the phone.

    • Push SIM card until it pops out.

    • Remove SIM card.

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    • Using a T5 Torx screwdriver head, take out the 14 screws (3.5 mm diameter and 5 mm long) that hold the back plate in place.

    • Make sure to keep all of the screws together, as they are very easily lost.

    • The magnetic project mat or a container is a great way to keep all the little metal screws as well as other small metal pieces from being lost.

    Die Schrauben sind Torx T4!

    Armin Jacob - Yanıt

    To confirm Armin’s comment - yes, the screws are T4 not T5.

    Richard H - Yanıt

    • Use the plastic opening tool to take out the inner back cover after all the screws have been removed.

    • This will expose the motherboard and the attached battery.

    • Take note that once inner back cover is removed the two buttons on the side can easily fall out or be removed.

    It’s a good idea to make a note now of which way the buttons go back!

    Richard H - Yanıt

    • The buttons are extremely easy to replace and may fall out when opening the phone.

    • They are located on the left side when the front plate is facing down.

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    • Use a tool or your fingers to gently lift the button out of its socket.

    • To replace, line the new button up in the socket and press down.

    • The buttons are not secured in anyway, so securing the back inner cover before turning the device over or jostling the device is a good idea. This will ensure buttons stay in place.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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What if u don't have the tools to fix it

Qukwa - Yanıt

Step 4 "We highlighted buttons with pink circles for easy recognition." except that there's no pink circles. ummm?

Patrick Lee - Yanıt

Changes have been made since my group finished this project by others not associated with the group. I'm assuming an ifixit editor is trying to stay busy making necessary and unnecessary changes. Not sure why they removed highlighting circles.

Casey J.

Casey Jennelle -

Anyone could help me with where to buy these replacements? I can't find them anywhere in the net...

Juan Flb - Yanıt

Sir I want power on button

kishu - Yanıt

sir my buttons are working but the hardware keys (inside the power & volume keys attached with board) are not working please tell me how to fix it..

deep kamble - Yanıt

To really repair the moto G first Gen's power buton you need to do micro Soldering. It is soldering to the motherborad.

If you change the little piece of plastic like in the tutorial it will not repair de power button if it is broken. this piece only press on a button inside (like the little thing with the 3 red x one the last step) and this buton send signal to the motherboard.

Gabriel BEck - Yanıt

i don’t have the skills to do microsoldering, so i used jb plasticweld around the tactile switch to hold it in place (switch worked fine when it was held down to the mb). we’ll see how long it holds!

cakeeatingbeefcake - Yanıt

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