The battery terminals are the contacts between the battery and the radio and guide the electricity from the battery to the radio. Without properly functioning battery terminals, power cannot be supplied to the radio. Follow the steps below to properly replace the battery terminals.

  1. Remove the back battery cover by pressing the tab to the left, and lifting.
    • Remove the back battery cover by pressing the tab to the left, and lifting.

      • A small screwdriver can aid this process.

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  2. Remove the batteries currently in the radio.
    • Remove the batteries currently in the radio.

      • When you're ready to add new batteries, place Ni-MH or AAA replacement batteries in the specified slots.

      • The orientation of the batteries is specified in the battery compartment.

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    • Turn the Volume knob to the off position.

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    • Firmly grasp and pull back on the volume knob. The knob should come off smoothly.

      • This may require some twisting and force.

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    • Remove the four 3 millimeter T6 Torx screws from the front of the radio.

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    • Remove the four 3 millimeter T8 Torx screws from the back of the radio.

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    • Gently open the backplate of the radio. Use a flathead screwdriver to slowly pry apart the two sides.

      • Be careful, as the antenna is still attached. Pulling the two sides apart too quickly could break the antenna.

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    • Gently pull the circuit board away from the front faceplate.

      • Be careful not to tug the wire connecting the circuit board to the speaker, as it is still attached to the faceplate.

      • Do not touch the the button contacts on the circuit board (the button contacts are shown in the red box of the second picture). This can cause long-term damage to the radio unless you properly clean them (see Repairing Motorola TALKABOUT FV700 Two Way Radio Button Contacts Guide).

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    • Now the circuit board can be removed from the back faceplate.

    • To do this, grip the back faceplate in one hand and the antenna in the other. Pull and twist the antenna away from the back faceplate. The circuit board should be removed with the antenna, as they are attached.

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    • Once the circuit board is removed from the back plate of the radio, the battery terminals can be removed.

    • From the front side of the two-way radio, use the flathead screwdriver to pry the longer battery terminals up and out of the radio.

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    • To remove the smaller batter terminals, you'll need to turn the radio back over to the back side.

    • Use the flathead screwdriver to push on the terminal.

      • This may take some force.

    • Once the terminal is loose, you can turn the radio over and remove it with your hand.

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Once the faulty leads are removed, you can insert the new leads. To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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