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Use this guide to replace the battery in the Nexus 4's battery or to disconnect the battery before accessing the internal components. This short repair will only take a few minutes.

    • Power off the phone, by long-pressing the power button and touching Power off.

    • Remove the SIM tray using the SIM Card Eject Tool.

    • This step is required in order to remove the back case.

  1. T5? Mine needs a T6

    keith.griffiths - Yanıt

    Mine used the T3, T 4 and 5 were way to big?

    Michael Kelly - Yanıt

  2. Nexus 4 Battery Replacement: adım 3, 3 resimden 1. Nexus 4 Battery Replacement: adım 3, 3 resimden 2. Nexus 4 Battery Replacement: adım 3, 3 resimden 3.
    • Gently open the back case by prying along the edge of the cover, starting at a corner of the phone and circling around the phone using a plastic opening tool.

    • The opening process may take a few minutes. The plastic will make a light snapping noise as the back cover separates from the rest of the phone.

    Remove Sim Tray before opening the case, chance to broke the case with sim tray inserted.

    sajishv - Yanıt

    Tried using the smaller opening tool first, but the tip broke off quite violently. Switched over to the bigger one and that worked a bit better.

    Just be very patient especially around the corners.

    coolspongebob92 - Yanıt

    Definitely need patience for this. Unfortunately, I broke one end of the plastic opening where the SIM card tray goes. Quite fragile right there, especially as you wrestle with the corner. I think it broke as one of the corners popped off.

    Ahmad - Yanıt

    Seriously, you can use your nails to get a better grip and feel the snap before you break anything. My plastic opening tool didn't work as expected and left pieces of plastic inside the case.

    castanedamiguel - Yanıt

    Sorry for my poor english, i'm french ;-). I change my N4 backdoor. I agree with the fact that you must be patient to remove the whole backdoor. At the beginning, it's easy to open a breach, but to remove the entire backdoor, i take less than 10 minutes. I break an opening tool, i use my nails, and with my last plastic opening tool, i turn around the phone and i finally full open it. So be patient and do not force. Thx I fix it !

    Siegfried Akougna - Yanıt

    hi, i have replaced my screen but have snaged the white wire i can now not get any signal thing i need a new wire, it came out of the little gold thing that gribs down

    cameron - Yanıt

    So great to have these instructions. I ended up using a credit card and slid it in between the case and cover. I started on the bottom side where it was loose, forced it to the corner. when it popped up I kept sliding it around. I did that all the way around and then used the tools to lift if up.

    Matthew Schmidt - Yanıt

    I found out that the bottom right corner (looking at the screen) is easiest to start from. Be very careful near the buttons and the sim tray, the plastic gets easiely deformed there. Took me quite a long time and lots of patience to not break anything.

    Matti Eskelinen - Yanıt

    Just in case you've never opened such a compact, tightly snapped device before (such as me): Just attempt to insert and _slide_ prying tools and an old plastic card around the case for a few times, it appears the case will eventually separate more or less "on it's own" if you keep doing this. Attempting to visibly PULL the case off edge by edge does NOT help (I just spent almost an hour to figure out that attempting to use the tools like a crow bar does not yield any viable result despite looking good at start). Apart from unnecessarily warping the case, attempting to pull the case off may also result in the case getting stuck on the power button - you want to avoid that...

    Also check that all button "pins" are still there when the case separates; for me the power button "pin" (the external plastic springy bar) came loose and needed to be reattached.

    Daniel Neugebauer - Yanıt

  3. Nexus 4 Battery Replacement, Battery: adım 4, 2 resimden 1. Nexus 4 Battery Replacement, Battery: adım 4, 2 resimden 2.
    • Remove the two 1.8 mm Phillips screws holding down the battery connector.

    • Using a plastic opening tool, disconnect the battery cable from its socket on the motherboard.

    what do i do if the screw is stripped?

    Amulya - Yanıt

    How did you strip the screw? Torx screws are pretty hard to strip

    Ethan Chow -

    They were very tight on first disassembly, I broke the pointy tip of my screwdriver (from iFixit) into it, but fortunately, could get the piece out and continue.

    molnarmarton -

    Why is it important to remove the battery because I cannot see it causing any hindrance in removing the black panel that houses the camera and other circuitry

    Rajat Singh - Yanıt

    Rajat, for any repair the battery should be removed first. Its easy to accidentally short out the battery when using screwdrivers to loosen screws.

    Don Barthel -

    I successfully replaced my speaker without removing the battery. Better save users some time by deleting steps 4 and 5 from this tutorial. Thanks a lot by the way :)

    castanedamiguel - Yanıt

    Indeed you can probably technically remove the speaker without removing the battery however removing the battery as soon as possible once you get inside, or before getting inside a device when possible, is not worth! First it prevent from any short circuit that can destroy the device and it is also a way to ensure the device is totally disabled before starting fixing it. Those devices today are always powered even if turned off. So to conclude: Always remove the battery before you make any job inside a device. Do this step in priority as soon as the battery can be removed.

    Gaetan -

    I didn't remove the battery, and I was able to complete the install of the headphone jack just fine. I did disconnect the battery, however, since I didn't want to take any chances (some people saying that the phone never really powers off completely made me cautious).

    Garrett Spencer - Yanıt

    The battery removal step is unnecessary and difficult. You should disconnect the battery, but there is no need to rip it out of its glued in position.

    Malcolm Smith - Yanıt

    The Battery removal is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT something you should skip.

    You do not need to fully remove the battery but make sure it is disconnected!

    You can complete without any apparent damage but could potentially cause ESD that will manifist itself down the road.

    It's a safety precaution to prevent static damage to your components.


    Garrett B - Yanıt

    Cut or remove the tape from the antenna & battery before proceeding to try to remove the battery. They are taped together and you can easily damage the antenna if you are not careful. Even after the tape is removed, be careful of the antenna wire while removing the battery.

    Matt McAdam - Yanıt

    Wish I had seen your comment before gently prying up the battery and pulling the white antenna cable straight out of its tiny gold connector. Down to wifi-only as I await the replacement cable from eBay.

    Alex -

    I found the #00 screwdriver too big to remove the screws in my N4. Sadly, I don't have a #000

    laidig - Yanıt

    I also had trouble with the screw: The (supposed) PH00 from a cheap kit didn’t fit; I also didn’t have a PH000. – But I managed to (carefully and very slowly) remove them with a PH0 (yes, a larger one!), which just barely got a grip on them.

    Tom Janson - Yanıt

    Well that sucked. Really wish you had mentioned the antenna cord being taped to the side of the original battery. I yanked it out when prying off the glued down battery and ended up with a wifi-only device. The Nexus 4 battery replacement guide could really use an update.

    Alex - Yanıt

    • Remove the blue tape that secures the white antenna cable to the battery.

    • Using a spudger, carefully disconnect the white antenna cable.

    • Carefully pry the battery out with a Plastic Opening Tool, starting at the top left-hand corner and working down towards the bottom right-hand corner.

    • If necessary, you can also use a plastic card to separate the battery from the metal midframe.

    • The battery is securely glued to the phone. When reinstalling the battery, press the battery firmly against the adhesive strip.

    Also confirming that the battery removal step is unnecessary (wish I had read the other comments before proceeding with it)

    Eugene Brodsky - Yanıt

    I disagree. There are some gotchas that a newbie might need to be warned about. Leave the step in.

    David Spalding -

    Isn't the antenna cable attached to the battery through the blue tape in the picture? In my first attempt replacing a broken screen I broke the antenna cable while removing the battery, so I had to buy a new cable to replace the old one.

    Javier - Yanıt

    I just did the same thing. Wish I had seen your comment earlier!

    Alex -

    The battery was tightly gluid. To be able to put some more force than with the plastic opening tool I was using, I used a children plastic eating spoon. Worked like a charm!

    Kurt - Yanıt

    I have a suggestion for all those who need to get the battery out. If you start from the top of the battery where the contacts are, you will notice that you can bend the top of the battery to some extent by lifting it with the plastic tool. This allows you to slip in the blade of a slim spattle (even if the blade is an inch wide). Since the cage of the battery is made of metal as well there is no danger for the chips and circuits. If you rock the blade to the left and to the right and apply a littel downward pressure you literally cut through the glue underneath the battery and will get it out in no time. Plus, there is no danger of cutting the antenna ;)

    I hope it works for you guys.


    Paul Philipp Neumann - Yanıt

    I am trying to replace the battery. Since the battery originally glued on, if I replaced a new one, do I need to glue it back on as well or the connector should be able to hold it? If I need to glue it back on, what glue should I use to be safe on the phone??? Thanks a lot!

    Steve - Yanıt

    IMHO If you REMOVED the adhesive strip, I don't think you MUST put something new in. It helps with positioning and keeping the battery from shifting while you reassemble the phone. If you use some kind of tape, use very thin, and sparingly (1" x 2" strip?).

    David Spalding -

    Getting the battery out is extremely tricky, why do LG glue it in place so strongly, a couple of pieces of slim double sided tape would suffice. Fortunately I have an iFixIt black spudger that I was able to slowly pry the battery out with, starting at the top and working my way down to the bottom, if the old battery wasn't any good before I started, it certainly isn't now as I had to bend the battery quite a lot to get it out. Take it slowly and carefully and you will get there.

    George Smith - Yanıt

    +1 for the black spudger, glad I had it. It's also comes very handy to work on the connectors; much better suited for that job than the blue prying tools... I'm also not feeling too good about how the old battery bent during removal.

    To others as it seems these steps are consulted for other repairs: If you don't intend to replace the battery, leave it in if you can, just disconnect it. Removal appears to be a pretty destructive process; at least I wouldn't want to use the old battery again.

    Daniel Neugebauer -

    An alternative to a plastic pry tool (small tip) is an auto interior tool. There are several sizes including a 1" blade/wedge that is meant for gently releasing panels with friction fasteners. A decent auto interior pry tool works a treat for slowly, purposefully sliding under the battery. I didn't need to, but moistening (not drenching!) it with a little Goo Gone price label remover may help -- but remember to dry off any fluid before reassembling the phone with a new battery.

    David Spalding - Yanıt

    The battery can be removed with the help of an old credit or loyalty card cut down in width. Once you have managed to lift the connector end of the battery, use the plastic card to push down and side to side so as to separate the battery from the sticky tapes holding it in place.

    Stan - Yanıt


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. Start by seating the top of the back to the phone, then gently snap the back in place working from the top to the bottom.

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I have made some arrangement to clarify particularly using pictures from the teardown that are just perfect. The original picture was not detailed and did not show the battery in place.

Gaetan - Yanıt

If you can't power on after battery replace:

Charge for an hour

Try holding down power plus volume down while plugging in power

If that doesn't work replug inside battery connector (this fixed for me)

Recommend data backup before in case you can't get it booting.

Chris Harrow - Yanıt

Just did this - thanks for all the instructions, easy if you have the right tools

raymondw999 - Yanıt

followed these instructions and the device boots up OK but then immediately shuts down. getting into recovery mode and checking the logs I can see that the phone thinks the battery is over temperature (790C vs max of 68C). Hopefully it's just a poor connection where I fitted it. I'll take it apart and try again later.

keith.griffiths - Yanıt

Note that it is very easy to break a screw holding the battery connector - don't over tighten. I've managed to hold down the end of the connector, towards the center of the phone, with a washer fitted to a nearby screw. It's been working fine for 6 months

Rodney - Yanıt

I broke a case opening tool, that looks very similar to the blue one shown, at the first attempt. Since then, I've successfully used a set of guitar picks of different thicknesses

Rodney - Yanıt

I followed the instructions and it worked just fine. The battery was the original with over 4 years of life and lately it barely had half a day to give. Upon disassembly I nticed it was bulging noticeably. The change didn’t come a moment too soon. The new battery worked a bit weird: first I just connected the pad and tried to start the phone, which went very well; WiFi signal was very poor due to ot having any antenna connected, but it did work. Armed with the knowledge that the new battery works, I pressed it on the glued cradle and surprise, it didn’t start any more - I had to do the power+volume down trick and it started. Eversince it’s fine.

The phone seems to be confused about the SoC of new battery - it jumps between 34 and 41%, but it may just need time to settle. The phone is fast, stable and the fire test would be to use it as car GPS, that’s what pushed the old battery over the edge.

dragosmp - Yanıt

Dragosmp: Follow instructions found online for deleting the prior battery data, the phone will then relearn the new battery’s capability.

David Spalding - Yanıt

Great guide! Caveat: the power button popped out of mine and fell on the floor; it took a few attempts to line everything back up.

Yitzchak Schaffer - Yanıt

i would like to know why Mr Jeff Suovanen rejected my idea of using a credit card to separate battery and metal frame and next day it was included in the guide

I think you owe me an explanation

I haven't visited ifixit for years because y was angry about this

josemechevarria - Yanıt

IMHO Wikis like iFixit are collaborative, and no one “owns” a page or a contribution. I suspect that the step was updated to “plastic card” to link to the iFixit store where a rigid, reusable card tool can be purchased (and they’re better than thin credit cards, I’ve got two). Sales of the tools help support the site. Furthermore,… it appears as if you created an account to make the edit, and when it was rejected, you created a new account to again propose the edit. :-\ I’m only speaking as another writer when I suggest you stop make a fuss about one edit several years ago, and make some more contributions where you’re able to. ;)

David Spalding -

Jose, I’m sorry you had a frustrating experience, but I assure you it was nothing personal. Whether you realize it or not, you added instructions for using a credit card to our Nexus 4 Teardown—which is a different document, and was never intended to be used as instructions. Any edits attempting to turn an iFixit teardown into instructions are normally denied—in fact, there’s a banner at the top of every teardown stating, “This teardown is NOT a repair guide.” Long story short, your edits are welcome as long as they’re in the appropriate place.

Jeff Suovanen -

Great Tuto ! Thanks ! My nexus 4 is now like new… or almost ;) Take less than 10 minutes to change

Antonin Molieres - Yanıt

Worked great for me. The case was a bother to pry off, but everything worked just fine.

thank you!

Steve w Bennett - Yanıt

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