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OnePlus 3's headphone set not working?

If you find your Headphone Jack was not working while inserting your earphone, causing you can’t use your headphone to listen music?Can’t hear the voice through earphone?The sound comes out through the earpiece from your OnePlus 3 is not good?Got problem of the jack is broken?It might be annoyed at watching Youtube through ear phone but no sound right?

This repair guide would tell you how to repair the non-working headphone jack of OnePlus 3.

Important note: There are two revisions of this part. Make sure you order the correct one for your phone.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Üyelik tarihi: 24-11-2015

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Hello. I would like a tutorial on how to repair buton power? And if it is a power buton that will break easily?

Because on my moto G 1st Gen my buton power broke, but I can not repair it because I need to do micro welding. So I want to know if it is the same or if it will break easily as on my moto G.


Gabriel BEck - Yanıt

Sorry, I don't know the exact situations on Moto G.But on my Moto G(4st Gen) is broken easily. I mean the button out of the device. By the way,the tutorial you needed is for OnePlus 3 or Moto G 1st Gen?And the button is out side of the phone or inside?

Witrigs - Yanıt

Can you provide a new link for the headphone jack spare part? The link given is 404

Greg Wilkinson - Yanıt

Important. Please put at the top of this review that there are TWO TYPES of headphone jack replacement parts for these phones. I bought revision 2 when I should have bought revision 1. Otherwise the connectors will not line up.

Samuel Godbold - Yanıt

How can I know which one to buy?

bY cHiNo -

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