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My nephew brought me his PSP after watering it.

I found the PSP was working exept the LCD backlight.

So I disassambled the device and searched for water marks. I found the marks directly on the LED driver circuit. After cleaning and checking the 0.5A fuse (was OK) I dicided to find out the chip. It took me some time to find the correct chip. It was a TB62752AFUG LED driver. It's a step up converter with current output. It can deliver up to 40V.

Because I cound not find out, which device was broken, I ordert all part (exept the resistors) reworked them.

After reassabling the whole device, the backlight was working fine again and my nephew was happy.

  1. PSP E1000 LED Driver Circuit Component Replacement, Backlight electronic after water damage: adım 1, 1 resimden 1.
    • this picture was made after cleaning

  2. PSP E1000 LED Driver Circuit Component Replacement: adım 2, 2 resimden 1. PSP E1000 LED Driver Circuit Component Replacement: adım 2, 2 resimden 2.
    • it took me some time to find the right chip:

    • 1 - TB62752AFUG

    • 2 - Inductor 22µH/0.66A

    • 3 - MSS1P4-M3/89A

    • 4 - 2.2µF / 6,3V

    • 5 - Fuse 0.5A 0603

    • 6 - 1.0µF / 50V

    • 7 - Ferrite bead 30Ohm/3A

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Hi Steven,

Thank for your guide. It helped me restore my PSP street (in my case, the fuse was broken). But one more problem is my PSP street has no sound on speaker, but has sound on headphone. Can you give me a glue to fix?

Thank you.

Hoang Binh - Yanıt

I fixed it! There a broken fuse near the audio ic. Hooray!!!

Hoang Binh -

Hello Hoang Binh, I have the same problem as you, after changing the fuse to illuminate the display, no sound is heard through the speaker (only when connecting headphones, through them). Can you tell me, please, which is the fuse has been changed to solve the sound problem? An image whit the fuse be very helpful.

Olivian -

Hi @olivian. Sorry for late reply. I didn’t take any picture so I cannot point it out exactly. But you can find it yourself. Fuses often have a letter F or FB on it or its color is blue.

Hoang Binh - Yanıt

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