Step by step guide to disassemble the Palm Centro to replace the keyboard.

  1. Press and slide open the battery cover.
    • Press and slide open the battery cover.

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  2. Caution: Turn cell phone off before removing battery!
    • Caution: Turn cell phone off before removing battery!

    • Press battery to the right.

    • Then lift up battery pack to remove.

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    • Phone with battery removed

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    • Remove the touchpad pen from the top left corner on the back to reveal the last of 6 screws to be removed.

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      • Lift the rubber cap at the top right to reveal the sixth screw.

      • Caution: There is a small Palm sticker under the rubber cap. Tampering with or removing this sticker will void your warranty!

      • Remove the six screws using the T5 Torx screwdriver.

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    • Remove the SIM card so housing can be separated.

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    • Use a plastic pry tool to separate the bottom of the case to remove the small plastic insert.

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    • Remove the small plastic insert at the bottom of the phone.

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    • Continue with plastic pry tool all the way around the phone to remove the back housing.

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    • Carefully peel back the tape holding the speaker (left) and keyboard (right) connection tabs in place.

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    • Using the plastic prying tool, lift the tabs and carefully pull the contact connections out on both sides.

      • Be very careful, these electronics are delicate!

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    • Separate the logic board from the case by lifting and pulling out the bottom.

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    • Slowly peel off the protective lining that is on the screen and keyboard.

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    • Lift and slowly remove the screen from the front panel

    • Place the new screen into the front panel

    • Make sure the new screen goes in under the plastic tabs for the additional memory slot door or it may not close properly once the phone is put back together.

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    • Now that the screen is out and its electrical ribbon is not in the way, you can remove the keyboard by prying it free of the tabs that hold it in place.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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