A guide to replace a damaged or cracked screen.

  1. Place the Palm IIIx face down on a flat surface.
    • Place the Palm IIIx face down on a flat surface.

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  2. Push down, lift up on, and remove battery cover.
    • Push down, lift up on, and remove battery cover.

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    • Remove the old batteries one at a time.

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    • Using a Phillips #00 screwdriver, remove the four screws that hold the back cover in place.

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    • Hold the device on its side, positioning your hands as shown.

    • Remove the back cover by pushing in with your thumbs and pulling outward with the rest of your fingers.

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    • Hold the screen and front cover on its side, facing the screen inward as shown.

    • Position your hands so that you can push the screen outward with your thumbs.

    • Remove the screen by pushing outward with your thumbs. Use your index fingers to hold the front cover in place.

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    • Position the device with the screen facing down.

    • Locate the white ribbon wire on the left hand side of the device.

    • On either side of the ribbon wire are two white clasps. Gently push the two clasps away from the board (to the left).

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    • Detach the ribbon wire by gently pulling it out of its connector.

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    • Separate the motherboard from the screen.

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    • On the back of the screen near the top right corner is a plastic filament:

      • Gently lift up on the two brown clasps on either side of the filament connector as shown.

      • Using a thin, blunt object (a toothpick works well), slide it under the plastic filament and lift up to detach the filament from its connector.

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    • Insert a spudger tool between the metal backing and the glass cover piece, as shown.

    • Run the spudger along the edge of the screen until the screen is lifted and can be removed.

    • Replace or clean as needed.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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