In this repair guide it will be described how to replace a broken screen on a Palm Vx orgainizer.


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  1. Take protective cover off of organizer.
    • Take protective cover off of organizer.

      • Note: cover slides off like pointer pen.

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  2. Lay device face down on surface.
    • Lay device face down on surface.

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    • Heat each side for 30 seconds individually.

      • Note: Be aware not to heat the screen, or any part to the point of damage.

      • Caution: Heating the metal case may cause burns.

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    • Pry off each side individually using a plastic pry bar.

      • Note: Using a plastic pry bar will keep from damaging the case. DO NOT use a metal screwdriver or similar tool.

    • Repeat for front and back of PDA.

      • Note: Do not lose the green power button that may fall out.

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    • Remove the screen from the plastic casing.

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    • In order to seperate the screen from the motherboard you must disconnect the ribbon attached to the screen.

    • To do this, using tweezers, flip up the cable clamp that is connecting the ribbon to the screen.

    • Once the clamp is up you can use the tweezers to gently detach the ribbon.

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    • Now you must flip up the adjacent clamp as well, using tweezers like before.

    • After the clamp is flipped you can gently remove the second ribbon with tweezers.

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    • Before removing the screen you must detach one more wire, the battery connector.

    • Using the tweezers, squeeze the connector attached to the wire and genlty pull.

      • Do not pull on the wire.

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    • Now that both ribbons and the wire are disconeccted, you can apply a downward pressure to the battery. You will have to carefully rotate the frame so that the battery can go through.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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