This guide will show you how to remove the PowerMac logic board.


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Pull on outer latch.
  • Pull on outer latch.

  • Lower door until it is level with your work surface.

  • Before working on the computer make sure it is not plugged into a power supply, then touch a metal object. This discharges static electricity, which could damage the computer.

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Use the spudger to pry the clips horizontally off of the heat sink.
  • Use the spudger to pry the clips horizontally off of the heat sink.

  • Fully remove the clips by lifting upwards.

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  • Remove the heat sink by pulling upwards, off of the logic board.

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  • Locate the RAM modules.

  • Pull side tabs outward. The RAM will pop out of the housing.

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  • Remove the single screw with the Phillips #1 screwdriver.

  • Pull the graphics card up and out.

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  • Remove the six indicated cables attached to the logic board.

  • Use the spudger to remove the modem cable as indicated.

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  • Unfasten 3 Phillips screws revealed beneath the heat sink on the CPU board.

  • Carefully remove the CPU board from the Mother Board.

  • Remove the barrell nut screws from the Mother Board which held the CPU board.

  • Unfasten 3 Phillips #1 screws on Mother Board as shown in illustration 1.

  • Slide the logic board about a quarter of an inch to free it from the three retaining pins.

  • Pull upwards and outwards to fully remove the logic board.

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  • After removing the (3) #2 philips screws, remove the (4) 1/4" hex nuts, then slide as directed and remove board.

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Are the "hex nuts" under the processor board? Could you provide a close up picture of the "nuts?"

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