Removing the CPU of the Power Mac G4 Quicksilver for replacement.


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  1. The handle to open your computer is located on top of the right side panel.
    • The handle to open your computer is located on top of the right side panel.

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  2. Grab the circular handle and pull outward.
    • Grab the circular handle and pull outward.

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    • Your computer is now open and ready for repair.

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    • This is your Power Mac G4's video adapter.

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    • Start by removing the screw holding the card to the chassis as shown.

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    • Before lifting the card out, this small plastic tab needs to be pulled back there by releasing it entirely.

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    • With the tab and screw removed, lift the card straight out.

    • When putting the card back in, take care to apply even pressure across the top with your thumbs. This will avoid damaging the card.

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    • First you want to remove the fan. Remove the two screws on the back of the computer in the upper left hand corner.

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    • Remove the fan unit by pulling straight up and out.

    • Be carful not to rip out the cord still attached to the motherboard. Remove it gently.

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    • You need detach the heat sink from the CPU. Locate the four clamps holding it down, two on each side.

    • Taking off the clamps can be difficult. Use a screwdriver to push down on the top of the clip. Then insert a spudger below the heat sink to pull it away from the board, releasing the heat sink.

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    • Pull the heat sink up and off of the CPU.

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    • Remove the four screws holding the CPU to the motherboard.

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    • Now you can remove the CPU by pulling it straight up from the motherboard.

    • Be very careful when you detach the CPU. There is a connector that has hundreds of little prongs. You must not bend or break any of them! Be extremely careful.

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    • You can now replace the CPU.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Removing graphics (video) card is not necessary. Also, removing the clips which retain heat-sink can be accomplished by using a flat-blade (-) screwdriver to carefully pry them from the finned aluminum assembly. Other than these two suggestions, guide is succinct and accurate.

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