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    • take out the sim tray

    • unscrew the two pentalobe P2 screws under the phone

    • use a suction cup and a pryer to open the phone(Very Heavy!)

    Ha ha, its very heavy. In my case i unglued cracked screen instead open it. need to be very careful and help wit plastic tools.

    Alex Derkach - Yanıt

  1. fingerprint cable
    • fingerprint cable

    • screen cable(display only)

    • power cble

    • buttons cable

    • unplug the power cable. it should be attached just by pushing , so just lift it.

    • unplug the screen cable. they are ZIF connectors.

    • you can test the new screen here, just by plugging the new screen cable, then the power cable

    • unplug the button cable, also ZIFs.

    • remove the battery using a hard rubber spatula.(it's got handle like IPhone's, but with china quality)

    • pry from the left bottom side. NEVER from the right side, or you might damage a cable.

    • remove the remaining glue from the battery, and re-tape it inside the white lines with tapes like TESA 2mm.

    • unplug antenna wire running down right side of phone to bottom mainboard.

  2. remove these phillips #0 screws on the upper board(forgot the number and the place, please add) remove the vibration motor cover
    • remove these phillips #0 screws on the upper board(forgot the number and the place, please add)

    • remove the vibration motor cover

    • remove the upper motherboard

    there is another screw here to remove (its under the orange MI sticker in the top left corner). You must remove this before removing the top board.

    benmichae - Yanıt

  3. remove the phillips #0 screw from the lower casing
    • remove the phillips #0 screw from the lower casing

    • they're black, so easy to recognize

    • unplug all connectors(need photo)

    • use a hair dryer to heat the lower board(it's got glue)

    • be careful not to use force, the board is very fragile. If you feel hard to remove, heat it again.

    • Heat the borders of your screen to loosen the glue.

    • use a suction cup to open it.

    • the cables from the screen should all be detached at this moment

    • remove all the remaining glue from the plastic bracket (I mean all)

    • use tapes like TESA 2mm to re-glue the bracket.

    • you'll need to glue all the borders, but not around cameras, speakers, and proximity sensors.

    • Check the video I've linked to see where to glue.

    • reverse the steps and you should be good to go!


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Where's the video? I can't find it on this page.

Roman Belyakovsky - Yanıt

Looks like it's been removed.

Here you are.

sub ari - Yanıt

Redmi Note 4 lcd Jumper ways


KhinMaungphyo - Yanıt

Where can I find the replacement screen for this model??

The screen I ordered have the connectors the wrong place and I can't find any replacement screen with BOTH wires on the bottom …

valerie langlois - Yanıt

you could buy a new screen in taobao

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do you have like a procedure how to replace the adhesive tape under the battery. My phone’s battery is loose, you can feel it move when you shake the phone.

leo calaunan - Yanıt

This guides information does NOT apply to Redmi Note 4 GLOBAL. I have the global and it looks different inside.

pifia - Yanıt

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