Leaky waders are no fun. Patching them yourself is not only easy, but will give you more bragging rights than your last fish tale. Follow these easy instructions for a simple, near-invisible patch for your waders.

If you know where your waders are leaking, skip down to the Patching a Hole section.

  1. Set up a ladder in a level place outside that you don't mind getting wet.
    • Set up a ladder in a level place outside that you don't mind getting wet.

    • Turn the waders inside out.

    • Clip the waders to the ladder.

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  2. Put the hose into the waders.
    • Put the hose into the waders.

    • Slide the hose into one leg of the waders.

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    • Turn on the hose and begin to fill the waders.

    • Be sure to pay attention because the large amount of water may tip the ladder. If needed, weigh the back side of the ladder down to prevent it from tipping.

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    • Watch for leaks. When you find a leak, mark it with a permanent marker.

    • Repeat this process for the other leg, marking all the leaks you find.

    • Dump the water out and allow the waders to dry completely before you continue.

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    • Wipe your marked areas down with an alcohol wipe to clean them.

    • Wait for the area to completely dry before continuing.

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    • Add a drop of Seam Grip to the marked area.

      • You need enough Seam Grip to thinly cover a one-inch square.

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    • Use the paintbrush to spread the Seam Grip thinly and evenly over the area.

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    • Rotate your brush 90 degrees and spread the glue evenly over the area.

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    • Apply the thin film (included in your wader repair kit) on top of the Seam Grip.

    • Smooth out the film with your finger, pushing out any air bubbles.

    • Allow the waders to sit undisturbed for 12 hours.

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    • Peel the thin film off of the waders.

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You should now have an invisible, but watertight patch. Repeat this for all of the leaks you marked.

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